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Scudder Mutual Funds: Everything You Need to Know

Scudder Mutual Funds: Everything You Need to Know

When investing, mutual funds can be a great choice for a balanced portfolio. These sorts of funds are often well established with a long history, making it easy for the investor to see how the fund has performed in the past before deciding to invest in it. They also incorporate a variety of stocks, bonds, and other investments, making less risk overall for the investor since, in colloquial terms, Mutual funds are good for people trying to build an investment portfolio for future needs, such as retirement. For these people, Scudder mutual funds may be a great choice for building their portfolio.

Scudder mutual funds, now under DWS Investments, are a group of various mutual funds, all of which can be a good investment for the savvy investor. The first Scudder mutual fund was formed in 1919, so these funds have a deep and long history of use and relative stability on the market. Then the company which had created this fund was purchased by the Deutsche Bank in Germany, which owns DWS Investments. DWS Investments, which runs what was then called the Scudder mutual funds, is the branch of the Deutsche Bank that deals with assets management in the United States.

DWS Investments is a well-established and financially sound institution in the United States, with over $80 million in assets just on this side of the ocean, not counting Deutsche Bank’s other investments and assets. Some of their mutual funds (at that time, referred to as Scudder mutual funds) have received prestigious awards because of their overall performance, as measured over a period of three years.

Scudder mutual funds, as they are now under DWS Investments, are a diverse group of mutual funds. While they all have relatively good track records, this allows investors the freedom to determine specifically which types of mutual funds they wish to invest in. If you want growth funds, they have them. If you prefer income or tax-free income funds, they have those as well. Value funds, alternative funds, index-related funds, and sector funds are all found in DWS Investments (which used to be Scudder mutual funds), among many other types. As you look into the different types, you will easily be able to determine what type best fits your investing profile with just a little research or consultation with your broker.

As with any investments relating to the stock market, there are risks associated with investing in Scudder mutual funds (now DWI Investments). Any number of factors, such as unforseen emergencies, changes in global or local economies, or fluxuations in temperatures or consumer attitudes, can cause dips – minor or major – in the performance of any stock investment, including mutual funds. You will want to do your research and look at the goals, strategies, and risks of any mutual funds you intend to invest in, which can be found by looking at the fund’s prospectus. This can easily be found either through your broker or on the website for DWS Investments.

Mutual funds can be a great investment for future planning, and Scudder mutual funds, which are now called DWI Investment funds, are well-established and can be reliable.

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