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Search Engine Cloaker: What You Need to Know

Search Engine Cloaker: What You Need to Know

If you are considering using a search engine cloaker, you should first understand what it is, and why it might be used.  A search engine cloaker is designed to show different content to different visitors to a page, depending on certain predetermined criteria.  For example, the content might be cloaked based on the type of search engine that is being used or based on the country of origin of the person searching.  Search engine cloaker scripts or programs can also be used for SEO purposes in order to show a different version of the page to the search engine itself than is shown to the actual visitors to the site.

A search engine cloaker looks at a number of factors including the IP address of the searcher, the referring web address where the search originated, and other factors and then determines which version of the site will be seen by that visitor.  Search engine cloaking programs can be created to serve a variety of cloaking needs depending on what the site is hoping to acheive by using it.

Many search engines discourage the use of search engine cloaker programs and you may find that they will try to ban your site from search results if you are caught using one.  For this reason it is often advised that you use the cloaking on another URL that is a mirror of your real page in order to avoid having your actual URL blocked from search engines.  Because the use of a search engine cloaker is designed to get around some of the search engines filters, most search engines will ban sites using it.

A search engine cloaker should always be used cautiously, and you should be certain that the use of the program will be more beneficial than risky when it comes to bringing more traffic into your site.  There are certain types of sites that can benefit from the use of a search engine cloaker, such as those that are diifficult for a search engine to index.  For example, a website that is based in Flash may prefer to present a text version of the website to the search engines allowing it to be easily indexed.  Human visitors to the site, however, would still see the Flash based website.

There are a number of search engine cloaker programs you can use in order to help cloak your site and get better search engine rankings.  Be sure to read the reviews of the various programs and get some recommendations before you buy software.  Search engine cloaking is perfectly legal, although some people disagree with the practice, and if you want to try it on your website there is no real reason not to.  Just bear in mind that the search engine could uncover the cloaking and the website could be banned.

A good search engine cloaker can quickly improve your site’s rankings and get you indexed.  In some cases, this is well worth the potential risks of using the program, so weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.

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