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Selecting a Night Nanny

Selecting a Night Nanny

For busy parents of an infant or newborn, a night nanny can be a real life saver. A night nanny helps with night time feedings and with establishing a schedule of sleeping for your new child. The process of selecting a night nanny can be daunting for many parents. No matter how you go about finding a night nanny, there are a few things that you should specifically look for as you’re going through the process

Night Nanny Considerations

The most important part of selecting a night nanny is to always check references. A good night nanny should have past experience caring for infants and be able to provide credible references. If your night nanny‘s references hedge or refuse to provide details or recommendations, consider that a strong warning. If a reference was really satisfied with their night nanny, they will say so.

The next most important thing to consider is how knowledgeable a night nanny candidate is about caring for infants, including if they’ve received special training on caring for infants or newborns. While specialized training isn’t necessary and the lack of it shouldn’t automatically disqualify a potential night nanny, you should insist on at least basic first aid training and a CPR certification.

Even if your night nanny has training in infant care, they should also have actual experience caring for infants. Ask a lot of questions about their experience being a night nanny and how they’ve handled certain infant care situations. During a slow economy, some families do without regular nannies to tighten their belts. As a result, a lot of experienced nannies may be looking to serve in a night nanny role. Ask about the ages of children they’ve cared for in the past, as infants and newborns require a different kind of care than older children.

Listen to your gut when selecting a night nanny. You’re trusting your most precious treasure to this individual, so if something feels off or wrong, follow that intuition. It is important that you’re totally comfortable with your night nanny or chances are you won’t be getting much sleep anyway.

Cost is the final factor to consider when selecting a night nanny. What is their hourly rate? Does it fit within your budget? Hiring a night nanny through an agency will cost more, but there are also benefits to doing so. Agencies perform background checks and often drug test their night nannies. You won’t have the ability to do this type of screening if you don’t go through an agency, so references and experience will be even more important. Think about your budget for a night nanny and decide if the added piece of mind of additional screening is worth the extra that you’ll pay. If it is, hire your night nanny through a nanny agency.

Selecting a good night nanny is a very important decision. Nanny agencies can simplify the process by providing background checks and other screening, but they will cost quite a bit more. If you decide to hire your own night nanny without an agency, be sure to check the candidate’s knowledge, experience, and references thoroughly, but make the final decision based upon your own intuition.

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