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Selecting the Right Tuscan Paint Colors

Selecting the Right Tuscan Paint Colors

The colors of Tuscany are a combination of warm, earthy tones and bright colors that create a rustic, tone with a comforting feel. Decorating in the Tuscan style has been popular for many years, and many homeowners enjoy the colors, look and feel for all rooms of the house as well as for the outdoors.

Although the interior walls of the average Tuscan farmhouse were traditionally painted white, modern versions of the look have adapted the colors for accent walls or even the entire room. It all depends on what sort of look you are trying to create, the furniture you will be using, and the size and scope of the home or room.

Classic Tuscan paint colors are generally muted earth tones. Popular choices include terracotta, pale pink, deep red, pale yellow and peach tones. Basic paint colors in the Tuscan palette also include neutrals such as pale grays, creamy whites, straw and honey tones. Bright accent colors such as greens and blues add a pop of color to any Tuscan scene.

Tuscan Paint Colors for the Interior of Your House

The paint color you choose will depend upon the application. For interior walls, choose from the neutral or lighter colors, especially for a smaller space. An accent wall in a darker choice will be a perfect focal point for your Tuscan room and create a warm and inviting feeling. If you plan to use more neutrals in your furniture and flooring choose darker paint colors, and vice versa. Large rooms can more easily work with a darker palette, while small rooms will feel even smaller when the colors are too dark. There are Tuscan paint colors that suit every room size and shape.

Tuscan Paint Colors for Furniture

One of the best ways to add more warn Tuscan tones to any room is to paint your furniture. Tuscan paint colors for furniture work best on rustic types of furniture. Shop used furniture, estate sales and other second hand sources for furniture in good shape but in need of refinishing. Then select paint colors in lovely yellows, burnt reds and bright blues to compliment your room. The look of Tuscany is rustic, so don’t worry about making things look new or matching perfectly. A table with chairs in several different colors is a whimsical and unique Tuscan look.

Perfect Exterior Tuscan Paint Colors

Tuscan paint colors are also a great choice for the outside of your home. They fit into just about any neighborhood, and are warm and inviting colors. Popular exterior colors are aged pinks, terracotta tones and warm grays. Accents along window sills and doors are the perfect way to add more Tuscan warmth to the exterior of your home.

Another exterior place where Tuscan paint colors can bring the sunny feel of the Tuscan countryside to your home is an outdoor living space such as a porch or patio. Painting your patio furniture in Tuscan shades such as warm yellows and peach tones, and bringing in the Tuscan sandstone and terracotta shades will make your outdoor living space feel like you are sitting outside in Tuscany. Adding these colors to other accents such as planters, a patio cover or a wood deck can enhance the Tuscan feel.

Tuscan paint colors are most popular as choices for kitchens and other eating spaces. The warmth of the Tuscan palette is perfect for rooms where families prepare and enjoy meals, and where conversations are accompanied with wine and appetizers. Sunrooms are also a popular room for a Tuscan style, as well as living and family rooms. Tuscan colors make the room feel filled with sunshine, warmth and a sense of welcome and home. This is a big part of the reason why they have been so popular for many years.

Of course, if you choose to do your entire home in Tuscan colors, you can use different colors in various rooms or continue the same color theme from room to room. Choose linens and other accents to match the paint choices and complete your Tuscan retreat.

Tuscany is a popular tourist destination, but for those of us who can’t afford to visit, creating a taste of Tuscany right at home is easy with the right paint colors and the right furniture and accents. Let the Tuscan sun in by choosing Tuscan paint colors for every room in your house – and the outside too!

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