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Selecting the Sportcraft Treadmill for Your Workout Needs

Selecting the Sportcraft Treadmill for Your Workout Needs

Sportcraft treadmills are known for providing an affordable alternative to expensive gym memberships and high-end fitness equipment. This low-cost line of treadmills is sold at large retailers such as Wal-Mart, making them accessible to just about everyone. With multiple models in the Sportcraft line-up, there is a treadmill for everyone from the casual walker to the serious fitness enthusiast.

Among the most basic of the Sportcraft Treadmill lineup is the TX300. This model offers a 2 hp motor with speeds up to 10 mph and has three manual incline settings. The programmable system lets you choose your workout, and important information is displayed in three LED windows. This is a good starter choice of Sportcraft treadmill and a good choice for anyone who plans light use of the treadmill for walking and jogging. Because the incline is manual, this Sportcraft treadmill is a good choice for those who don’t need to adjust it often or during workouts.

With a more powerful motor and power incline adjustments, the TX400 Sportcraft treadmill is a good investment for those who still want a reasonable price with higher performance. The 2.5 hp motor means more power, allowing you to take your workout to the next level.

An even better choice, however, for those who need more out of a treadmill is either the TX420 or the TX440. With preset exercise programs and a four window display, these Sportcraft treadmill models also offer a larger deck that makes it easier to run, especially for larger people. The motorized incline allows you to make adjustments by increments up to a 10% incline easily during your workout. The LX440 Sportcraft treadmill even includes a heart rate monitoring chest strap for easy hands-free use.

For serious runners, the Tredex line is the Sportcraft treadmill of choice. With higher speeds possible and more power available, this Sportcraft treadmill makes all the difference when training for speed and endurance. On the higher end of the price range, these Sportcraft treadmills give you the most features for your money, especially if you are a runner, including numerous preset exercise programs from the factory.

There are a number of other treadmills in Sportcraft’s product line-up with varying levels of features and cost. These are a few of the most popular models made by the major sporting goods manufacturer. Without a doubt you can find a Sportcraft treadmill that works for you.

Choosing the Sportcraft treadmill that is best for your exercise needs depends on a number of factors. Your budget, your level of fitness, and how heavily you plan to use the treadmill are all important considerations. Sportcraft treadmills are available with a wide variety of features to meet every individual’s fitness needs, with price points starting low enough to please any budget. For beginners not planning to use the treadmill heavily, the low-end models will serve well. But if you need more performance and are a dedicated runner, you will want to go up to something a bit pricier and with more features; this is especially true if you are used to gym equipment.

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