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Show Your Pride with College Lanyards

Show Your Pride with College Lanyards

No matter what school you attend, or whether you are a current or former student, college lanyards are a great way to show your school spirit and pride in a simple and understated way. Both a convenient way to hold onto keys or display an ID badge and a decorative symbol of your school affiliation, college lanyards are useful and attractive.

There are college lanyards available for a wide variety of schools, from large state Universities to private colleges and other schools. They generally display the name of the school along with a logo or a mascot. There are even college lanyards for specific college sports teams from basketball to football.

For current students or staff, college lanyards are a great way to hang onto a wide variety of items and keep them organized as well as close at hand. They are generally worn around the neck but can also be easily attached to a backpack, hung from your car’s rear-view mirror, or even simply used in your dorm room or at home to keep organized.

You can purchase college lanyards in a variety of locations. Of course, the easiest place to find one is to visit your school’s on-campus or nearby store, or wherever college logo items are sold. Any store that sells a wide variety of merchandise featuring your college logo is likely to have college lanyards available as well. Even your college bookstore may have a small selection of merchandise bearing the school name and logo, and since lanyards are such a small item they are often stocked right at the checkout counter.

There are also online sources for college lanyards where you can buy items with just about any school logo on them. This makes it easy to locate a wide variety of selections, which is a great way to obtain gifts for children or friends who are attending different schools without having to run around in search of that school’s merchandise. It is especially helpful if the school is out of state and you can’t find their merchandise locally!

College lanyards make a great stocking stuffer and are also a nice addition to any going away package for a student on their way to school for the first time. They are generally low in price and easy to fit even into a small package which makes them great to ship easily.

College lanyards generally come in a standard size but may be adjustable for use by people of different heights. They are made of sturdy fabrics with metal attachment points. Some have an easy to use clasp that makes taking them off and putting them back on fast and easy without having to pull the over the head.

For anyone who is proud of their current school or alma mater, college lanyards are a must. They allow you to take your school spirit with you everywhere you go, and display your affiliation proudly without being too loud or over the top. College lanyards are popular among students and staff alike for good reason.

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