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Simple Swollen Eyelid Treatments

Simple Swollen Eyelid Treatments

Everyone has woken in the morning with swollen, puffy eyes. There are plenty of possible causes for swollen eyelids. It can be as simple as dehydration, or due to an allergic response to something you came into contact with. Whatever caused your eyes to puff up, there are some simple ways to bring the swelling down. These simple swollen eyelid treatments will have you feeling and looking better quickly.

Which treatment you use for your swollen eyelids depends on what the cause is. If you believe your eyelids are swollen due to an allergic reaction, and allergy medicine such as an anti-histamine might bring relief. Swollen, puffy eyes caused by allergies are usually accompanied by itching and redness, and other possible allergy symptoms throughout the body. If you believe you have an allergy to something new, it’s worth mentioning to your doctor.

Different Makeup

If you have swollen eyelids regularly and are a woman who wears makeup, consider switching your mascara, eyeliner and other eye makeup to a different brand. Look for hypoallergenic, fragrance free choices with natural ingredients. The eye makeup remover you are using could be the culprit as well. Try one meant for sensitive skin and that contains no fragrances or harsh ingredients.


If dehydration due to hot weather or a hangover is the cause of your swollen eyelids, there are some easy at home swollen eyelid treatments you can try. First, start drinking some water! Hydrating the body will help the swelling to go down and keep it away in the future. While you are rehydrating the body, try some of these other quick treatments for puffy, swollen eyes.

Cold Compresses

Cold compresses can quickly relieve swelling. Drugstores sell eye masks you can keep in the freezer and apply to your eyes. You can also soak a washcloth in cold water and place it in the freezer until it is cold but not stiff, then lay it over your eyes. A cold compress meant for injuries can work just as well, but you may need one for each eyelid.

Sliced Cucumbers

Both cucumbers and potatoes can be sliced and placed over the eyelids for about ten minutes to help bring down swelling. These simple vegetables contain natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Another natural anti-inflammatory is milk. Soak a wash cloth in cold milk, wring out the excess and place it over your eyes. It will have the added benefit of reducing dark circles you may have under your eyes as well.


If you have regular swelling and can’t find a cause for it, you might be retaining too much water due to your diet. In addition to drinking plenty of water, avoid foods and beverages that make you retain water, such as foods too high in sodium and artificial sweeteners. Another lifestyle change you can make to improve swollen eyelids is to ensure you are getting plenty of rest. Lack of sleep can cause both dark circles and swelling of the eyelids and below the eyes.


Swollen eyelids can also be caused by factors such as Pink Eye (otherwise known as Conjunctivitis) or a stye resulting from an infection. Although the same swollen eyelid treatments outlined above will work with these cases as well, if you don’t see an improvement within a few days you should consult a doctor. In some cases antibiotics might be required in order to combat a bacterial infection. They may be given either orally or via eye drops.

In most cases a swollen eyelid will go away without medical treatment and with minor, simple at-home care. If your swollen eyelid problem recurs or does not go away with treatment, contact your doctor. Recurring infections of the eyes should be treated by a professional to prevent damage to the delicate eye.

Eyelids are prone to swelling, as is the area around and below the eyes. It is often one of the first signs that you are not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, and generally not taking good care of your body. Make sure to follow this preventative measure to avoid swollen eyelids in the first place. Some causes can’t be avoided, but should be treated promptly and carefully. If at any time you are concerned about your vision or damage to the eyes, call your doctor.

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