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Sliding Shower Doors: Everything you Need to Know

Sliding Shower Doors: Everything you Need to Know

In many homes sliding shower doors are the common choice as an alternative to the shower curtain. There are many pros and cons to sliding shower doors, and it’s a wise idea to take a look at all of them before you make a choice on what you would prefer to have in your house. Before you start a renovation project in your bathroom, find out what you need to know about sliding shower doors.

The biggest pro of sliding shower doors is that they keep water inside the shower better than a shower curtain can. Because they create a better seal, water is less likely to escape and cause damage to your floors and other items in the bathroom. They also prevent the uncomfortable problem of the shower curtain encroaching on shower space and sticking to the person trying to take a shower. Many people find this feature of shower curtains extremely annoying , and it can be avoided with sliding shower doors.

On the other hand, sliding shower doors do have some cons. One of the most common complaints about them is that it can be hard to clean the rails that the shower doors slide on. These can become very dirty over time, and cleaning them thoroughly is difficult. Sliding shower doors do come in a variety of styles, but the look is more limited than with a shower curtain as shower curtains are available in a nearly endless array of patterns and colors.

Sliding shower doors are often the best choice for a shower stall where there is not bathtub, because a shower curtain would not be able to hang low enough to prevent water from coming out the bottom. The popular double wide shower stalls of today are almost always equipped with sliding shower doors for this reason. Although they went through a period of popularity, sliding shower doors on showers built into a bathtub are less popular today than they once were.

For those who want a bit more privacy when they shower, sliding shower doors are often frosted. Still, this does not allow the same level of privacy that an opaque shower curtain does. While most shower curtains can simple be thrown in the washing machine to be cleaned, sliding shower doors must be cleaned along with the rest of the shower stall or bathtub, and are often prone to hard water buildup and stains.

Sliding shower doors have both pros and cons, and when it comes to installing a set versus choosing a shower curtain, personal preference is often the bottom line. Cost may also come into the picture; the average shower curtain and rod is much cheaper than installation of sliding shower doors. If cleaning is not an issue for you, and you are concerned about water on the floor, then sliding shower doors might be your choice. On the other hand if you want to simplify your bathroom cleaning routine and aren’t worried about water escaping, you might prefer a simple shower curtain instead.

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