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Smart Words to Use In Everyday Conversation

Smart Words to Use In Everyday Conversation

Having a firm grasp on the English language can open many doors for an individual. Being able to concisely, meaningfully, and eloquently express yourself can make all the difference in the world both in your personal and professional life.

Whether you’re trying to impress a potential employer in a job interview, or you’re just trying to make intelligent conversation at a cocktail party, it is always helpful to have a repertoire of smart words in your vocabulary bank. These words aren’t meant to intimidate others or lord your superior intellect over them. Rather, they are just some common, smart words that you can inject into your daily life in order to improve your overall impression on others.

The first set of smart words would be well-used in a job interview.

Accolade: I received many accolades in school for both my academic and extracurricular work.

Equivocate: No, you’ve got it all wrong. I would never lie on a résumé. I was merely equivocating.

Sycophant: Don’t expect me to be one of those employees that is always telling you what you want to hear. I’m no sycophant; I’m a straight shooter.

The next set of smart words would be best implemented in a party scene. Try throwing them into your next conversation for a bit of vocabulary-related fun.

Tryst: Did you hear about that absolutely scandalous tryst between the dean and his student? She was young enough to be his daughter!

Gregarious: How would I describe myself? Well, I’m definitely outgoing. I’m usually the most gregarious person at a party.

Euphemism: I don’t want to say bad things about people, but that man over there is a total son of a gun. Oh, my. Is it still mean if it’s a euphemism?

And don’t forget about those smart words that are just downright fun to say and know.

Ennui: Living in the suburbs has really taken its toll on me. I don’t ever feel mentally stimulated. I’m awash in a sea of ennui.

Capricious: I am not a capricious person. So what if I decided this morning to go to France, and I didn’t tell you or the kids or my boss?

Kitsch: I don’t care what you say about my taste in interior design. My yellow, pleather chairs and collection of porcelain cats in clothing are not kitsch.

Nothing says educated like casually throwing in words that derivate from another language, so don’t forget these smart words that have their roots somewhere other than English.

Faux pas: I know wearing fur to the PETA charity event was a bit of a faux pas, but that jacket was just too gorgeous not to wear.

élan: I absolutely love going to the ballet. It truly reminds me of my élan for life.

Tete-a-tete: It can be difficult communicating with a teenager, but I really think it would do you two good to have a tete-a-tete.

Consider making a resolution to learn a new smart word every day. It might just come in handy at your next social soiree.

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