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Sources for Great Voice Over Scripts

Sources for Great Voice Over Scripts

We are surrounded by sound, whether on the television, radio, or through broadcasts, live streams, or even podcasts. Those with the opportunity to work in these fields bringing all this sound to the masses are a lucky few, privileged to have their voices heard and make money doing what they love. If you want to break into this field, having your voice heard, you will need to start with some demos to share as your portfolio. But what sort of demos are companies looking for?

Fortunately for you, there is a wealth of voice-over scripts available for your use. These are sample scripts like you might hear in a radio commercial or as a voice-over for a television commercial. These voice-over scripts are royalty free, so you don’t have to pay money to a writer every time you send out your demo. It is simply a matter of purchasing the scripts once, recording them in your own studio, and submitting them to potential job leads. If you don’t have your own studio, a quiet workplace with a good quality microphone will work just as well. Once you have your voice-over demos, you will be well on your way to breaking into this fun and exciting field.

Trying to find your own scripts without outside help can be a real struggle. Scripts may be available on the internet, but many will not meet the quality of writing expected in today’s voice-over industry. Not only that, but some scripts will be more fit for a man with a classic ‘announcer voice,’ others will better fit a woman with a sultry voice, and still others will sound best in a light, bouncy tone. It will take hours of reading and wading through random work before you can find the right script to best showcase your voice and your vocal skills. You also risk running into copyright and royalty issues.

That’s where these sources for voice-over scripts come in. Many professional voice-over industry leads have compiled collections of voice-over scripts, checking each one for the quality they demand in their field. These collections include a scripts on a variety of topics for a variety of different voices, guaranteeing that you will find many in the collection that will fit you and highlight your voice’s best features. Additionally, you have the assurance of knowing that your demos will be taken seriously and will not violate any royalty terms.

A quick search of the internet using a major search engine will reveal a wealth of websites offering these collections at comparable prices. Minimal research into the websites will show which one has the best collection for you at the best price for your budget.

Imagine working from your own home studio, being paid to speak, to use your vocal acting skills or your naturally pleasant speaking voice as your professional instrument. Imagine not needing to worry about costume changes or makeup fusses that come with visual aspects of the entertainment industry, but instead being able to sit back, relax, and simply speak. With some great demos recorded from quality voice-over scripts, you can begin your career doing exactly that.

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