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Sources for Roller Banner Stands

Sources for Roller Banner Stands

Whether your company is small or large, you will no doubt understand the importance of proper advertising. You most likely already have a listing in your local telephone directory, a website and marketing materials, such as business cards, fliers and postcards. But what about using great advertising pieces such as roller banner stands?

Although roller banner stands are typically used for fairs and festivals, they can also be used for product launches and company promotions as well.  Roller banner stands are a great form of easy to use transportable advertising for your business.  They are constructed using a rectangular metal box that houses a rolling bar that has a built-in spring action. This spring action permits the banner itself to roll out for display and roll back down again automatically when it is time to pack up and go. The banner itself is made out of vinyl material that can be coated to protect against harsh UV rays. This is great if the roller banner stands that you are planning on using will be placed outside in direct sunlight for any amount of time.  However, the vinyl will also make your graphics stand out with its bright colors.

When contemplating what graphics you want on your roller banner stands, it is important to remember the old adage of ‘more is less’. Too much information coupled with busy graphics will actually have the opposite effect on your customers: instead of turning their heads to learn more about your products and company, they will actually turn their heads away from your roller banner stands as the hectic scenes will hurt their eyes. When the space on roller banner stands is utilized properly, they can convey just the right amount of information to pique the interest of potential customers. Due to their large size, the writing on roller banner stands can also be larger as well. This will help your roller banner stands to be more easily read and understood from a distance.

Roller banner stands can certainly help increase awareness of your products and your company, as well as being influential in increasing sales. The information and graphics that you are providing to your customers via the roller banner stands will be visible at your customers eye level – this is because most roller banner stands are the exact same size of an average adult.

There are many sources for roller banner stands. You can contact your local printing shop for a quotation. You can also find them online by doing a simple Internet search for ‘roller banner stands’. Either way, when it comes to choosing the best roller banner stands you will need to consider three important factors: stability, strength and hardiness.  The roller banner stands should be strong enough to withstand high winds. They should also not fall over if a customer accidently bumps into one of them. Lastly, the roller banner stands that you ultimately select should be built to last for many years and preferably come with a guarantee.

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