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Sources for the Best Leather Checkbook Covers

Sources for the Best Leather Checkbook Covers

A large part of growing up is having a secure hold on your finances. For many of us, that’s an aspect of our lives that was handled by our parents, so it’s little surprise that a hallmark of independence is dealing with your own budget.

Keeping yourself financially afloat means being able to make a balanced and reasonable budget. But the most important piece of information for a budget is just how much money you have at any given time. Unfortunately with debit cards and credit cards, we are always spending a little here and a little there. Maybe you fill up on gas and then buy a pack of gum in the convenience store. It’s something we do without even thinking about it, but all of those expenses—even the nominal ones—can really add up.

That’s why balancing your checkbook is so important. You need to log every outgoing expense, or you’re more likely to spend, because you think you have more money than you do. But it can be difficult to do if you don’t always have your checkbook with you. Sure, we say we will go home and log the expenses, but we never do.

Carrying your checkbook around, however, can take a big toll on your checks. If you have a flimsy checkbook cover, you’re simply putting your checks at risk of being destroyed. For that reason, say no to the vinyl cover you get free with your checks and invest in a higher quality checkbook cover.

Many people like the feel and quality of leather checkbook covers for this purpose. This is a great choice, because leather is durable as well as sleek and attractive. But where can you find the perfect checkbook cover?

The first option would be for the higher end clientele. If you want a quality product, it would make sense to go to people that understand leather and craftsmanship. For that, you will want Coach. They are best known for their purses, but they also make a wide range of leather checkbook covers. Sure, they are going to cost you a lot upfront, but if you find a classic style, it’s a good bet you’ll never have to buy another one.

If you don’t want to shell out that much money on an accessory, however, there are plenty of other options that are still high quality but without the initial sticker shock. One place to look would be Overstock.com. The powerhouse website has a huge selection of just about everything, and leather checkbook covers aren’t excluded. Browse around to find the perfect one for you, because they will offer different styles and colors.

Another one-stop-shop option would be the leather checkbook covers from Amazon.com. On this site, you can find traditional black leather options, but there are also covers that are a little bit different. In particular, they have a charming take on the classic leather checkbook cover known as the “rustic leather checkbook cover.”

Whatever site you choose, just don’t forget to log the expense in your checkbook!

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