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Spice Up Any Room with Stylish Café Chairs

Spice Up Any Room with Stylish Café Chairs

Have you been thinking of remodeling your dining room, patio or sitting room? Have you given any thought to furnishing these rooms with the stylish simplicity of café chairs? Café chairs bring a measure of elegance to any room and are extremely comfortable to sit in. Moreover, they are surprisingly affordable to purchase. Here we will talk about café chairs in a little more detail, along with some information on how you can purchase the perfect set for your home.

What Exactly Is a Café Chair?

Throughout the United States and Europe, café chairs are a mainstay of décor at many bistros and coffee houses, and while you’ve probably sat in café chairs hundreds of times, you may not have realized it.

A café chair is recognizable for its simplistic design and its rounded, spoon-like shape. The circular seat—sometimes cushioned and other times not—is large enough to sit comfortably upon for hours, and the rounded shape of the low back is made to support every curve in your body. Café chairs are typically supported by four sleek legs and offer arm rests just wide enough for comfort, yet sleek enough to present an elegant appearance.

When most people think of café chairs they probably picture an old-world Parisian café, with beautiful free-standing chairs, handcrafted from the finest Beech wood, and while this vision is certainly accurate, café chairs have come a mighty long way since then. Café chairs are now made from a variety of materials, including many different types of wood, metal, wicker and even plastic. However, while the materials may have changed a bit, the design has retained the same old world simplicity that has made these chairs such a popular furniture piece throughout the world.

How to Find Café Chairs for Your Home or Business

Whether you have a coffeehouse or restaurant you’d like to furnish, or you merely want to spruce up your own home décor, finding the right café chair for your project should be relatively easy to do. Recently we performed an internet search query and came up with the following results for café chair retailers, but we’re sure if you researched further you could come up with even more results. Here are a few places we discovered these very affordable chairs:

  • Target
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Pottery Barn
  • Wicker Warehouse
  • Next Tag
  • Amazon
  • Overstock
  • Ballard Designs
  • And more…

Most café chairs we found ran between $90 and $200 dollars, largely depending on the type of material the chair consisted of, and a few other optional features.

Café chairs, whether in your home or business, will go a long way towards adding a bit of style and quiet sophistication to the room, and there has never been a better time to buy. Simply check with one of the above retailers in your area to begin your search and we’re sure that in no time you’ll be able to find a perfect set of chairs that are right for you.