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Spice Up the Night With Chili Pepper Lights

Spice Up the Night With Chili Pepper Lights

Are you looking for a fun way to bring a bit of bright cheer and spice to your patio for your next backyard party? Consider adding one or more strings of chili pepper lights that can help to light up the night in a fun and spicy way!

Types Of Chili Pepper Lights

Once you start researching your new lights you will find that you have several choices in size and in color. From small chili peppers of about two inches all the way up to larger chili peppers of over six inches long, the size that you pick should be one that will help them to stand out and make an impression once strung up!

Available colors of chili pepper lights tend to be various shades of reds and greens; however you may be able to find other colors that could even fit in with your outdoor décor. From fuchsia to blues and oranges – there are no limits to the colors that you can find to help spice up your backyard events.

For a bit of variety, consider mixing up sizes and colors of chili pepper lights – it can be a unique way of brightening up your patio.

Indoor Uses

Chili pepper lights are not just exclusively for use outdoors – use them to help bring a bit of Southwestern fun to an indoor party.

  • Turn Taco Night with your friends into a brightly lit evening of fun and laughter by stringing your lights around your kitchen, dining room, and living room.
  • A growing trend is to string chili pepper lights around a Christmas tree in lieu of the traditional Christmas bulb lights. With the wide variety in shapes and colors, you are sure to find a few strings of lights that will fit in with your Christmas décor. Don’t forget to string a few lights up outdoors for an extra touch to your outdoor Christmas decorations!
  • For the chili pepper lover in your family consider purchasing a few strings of lights as a gift to accompany a few bottles of their favorite chili sauce.

Where To Buy

There are many retailers that offer a good variety of lights, you should be able to find them at just about any big box store, like Wal-Mart or Target. If you are looking for more heavy-duty outdoor lights then be sure to carefully read the information on the side of the boxes; you may have better luck finding heavy-duty outdoor lights at your local home improvement center.

There are many online sources that could provide you with not just a competitive price on your lights, but can also offer you a much wider range in sizes and colors; a quick search can help you to find the exact chili pepper lights that you are looking for. Be sure that the cost of shipping the lights to your home does not eat into any potential savings over purchasing them from a brick and mortar retailer.

Consider looking into several other novelty strings of lights, like snowflakes or even kangaroos, to help bring a bit of fun and variety to your events.

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