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Stop Snoring Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

Stop Snoring Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

If you have ever had to sleep with someone who snores, you know just how big of a problem it can be.  To reduce lost sleep due to a spouse or partner, or even other family members, some people are now turning to stop snoring surgery as a permanent solution to snoring.  Stop snoring surgery is a procedure that deals directly with the reasons why people snore at night, and corrects the physical causes of snoring.  If you have been keeping loved ones up with your snoring, a closer look at stop snoring surgery might be in order.

The original stop snoring surgery procedure is known by a long and confusing name, uvulopalatoharyngoplasty, which can be conveniently shortened to UPPP.  This is a procedure in which the surgeon removes a variety of excess tissue from the throat, including the tonsils, adenoids and parts of the uvula.  This procedure is a fairly serious stop snoring surgery and is an inpatient surgery that results in several days of recovery.  The results from this surgery are mixed; although it is very effective at reducing snoring, it does not eliminate it completely for all patients.

A different version of this surgery that uses lasers is laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty, or LAUP.  In this surgery, lasers are is used to remove tissue from the uvula over the course of a few visits.  This type of stop snoring surgery is an option best suited to those with very loud and disruptive snoring problems.

In some cases, a deviated septum is the cause of snoring.  The stop snoring surgery for this involves a nasal procedure to repair the septum.  If this was indeed the cause of the snoring, then the prognosis for a life free of loud snoring is very good with this surgery.

There are also some stop snoring surgery procedures that involve preventing the tongue from falling forward and blocking the airway, another common cause of major snoring problems.  There are a range of surgeries in the this area, including a procedure to place a small screw into the jawbone to support the tongue and keep it in place during sleep.  Some of these surgeries can actually be reversed if they fail to provide the needed relief from snoring.

Stop snoring surgery options are all fairly major procedures and all carry the risks common to surgery.  You should be aware of all of the possible risks of any surgery before you undertake it, including the usual ones like reactions to anesthesia, and any possible complications of the procedure itself.  Talk to your doctor when you discuss all of the stop snoring surgery options and make sure you understand the risks completely.

Stop snoring surgery is not for everyone, but for those who have a reversible condition that is causing the snoring, it can provide much needed relief and rest, not just for the patient, but for everyone in the house.  Find out if stop snoring surgery is right for you by calling your doctor.

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