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Stump Grinder Rental Tips

Stump Grinder Rental Tips

If you have a tree stump in your yard that needs to be removed, the best choice is a stump grinder rental. These machines are designed to grind down a stump when it is too large and too deep to be dug out, as is the case with most large tree stumps. A stump grinder rental lets you do the work yourself rather than paying a landscaper to come out and take care of it – it also makes it more affordable.

If you have several stumps to remove, then a stump grinder rental is definitely the economical choice. A gas-powered stump grinder can be rented for a price in the range of $100-200 per day depending on where you rent it from. You might be able to find a stump grinder rental at your local hardware or home improvement store, but in some cases you will need a specialized rental source for this type of equipment.

When choosing a stump grinder rental, be sure that you are provided with all of the instructions and safety information necessary for proper use of the machine. Stump grinding is generally not difficult, but does require certain safety gear and precautions. A stump grinder rental must be towed to your home, so you will need a trailer hitch on your vehicle or an alternate method of towing it home. In some cases, delivery may be available, but at an additional cost to you.

A stump grinder rental makes it quick and easy to remove a stump left behind by a tree removal company. It’s nearly impossible to remove a stump in any other way, especially a large stump, so a stump grinder is required unless you are happy to leave the stump there. If the choice is between hiring a professional and a stump grinder rental, determine which will cost less before you make a decision.

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