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Style Checks: Your Source for Everything Check Related

Style Checks: Your Source for Everything Check Related

When it comes to checks that suit your personality and taste, nobody offers more that Style Checks.  You will not only find a wide selection of different types of checks; Style Checks also offers checkbook covers, wallets, address labels and more.  Style Checks is not just a great source of personalized checks, but everything else you need to keep your finances in order.  

Hundreds of Different Designs

Style Checks offers more than 200 check designs, which ensures that they will have something for everyone.  Whether you are seeking a simple, pretty pattern to liven up your checks, or you have a certain personality or character in mind that you would love to have on your checks, Style Checks has it all.  They offer a number of categories for checks that you can choose from, allowing you to pick exactly what you want in a checkbook.  You can even select a checkbook cover to match.

Animal Lovers

The Animal Lovers category has a large selection of adorable animal checks from dolphins to puppies.  There is a category for Country Music Stars where you can find checks featuring your favorite country singers from Kenny Chesney to Travis Tritt.  If rock and roll is more your style, you will find this section offers great choices like KISS and Motley Crue.  Or if you are into Pop or Hip Hop music, you can get Fergie or Lil’ Wayne checks from Style Checks.

The Fifties

If you love the fifties, you will love the I Love Lucy or Marilyn Monroe checks found in the Personalities category.  Other Style Checks choices in that category include Elvira and The Three Stooges.  The Sports category offers a selection of your favorite sports from baseball to hockey and everything in between.  These are just a few of the many checks available in the many categories available from Style Checks.

Style Checks offers traditional checkbooks for personal use as well as desk sets for business use, or even if you simply prefer them at home.  The desk sets are available in simple, executive style checks or a selection of classic images and patterns.  These checks are easy to use and allow you to keep track of purchases at a glance.

Checkbook Covers

A checkbook cover is the best way to protect your checks from dirt and damage, and there is no reason to hide those beautiful checks behind a boring checkbook cover.  Style Checks also offers checkbook covers to fit all of the available categories, so that your checkbook cover can easily match the checks within.  You can also simply order a beautiful checkbook cover to enclose those basic checks you got from the bank and make your checks look a lot nicer instantly.

Checkbook covers from Style Checks not only come in many different patterns and styles, but different materials as well.  You can choose an easy to clean vinyl checkbook cover, a supple leather checkbook cover, or even a soft fabric checkbook cover.  The combination of material and image or pattern is entirely up to you!


Style Checks also offers a wide variety of accessories to go along with your newly revamped checks and checkbook.  You can choose a matching debit wallet or mini clutch, or select something different to hold your cards and basics.  You can also order personalized deposit slips to make your banking easier.  Address labels are available as well as beautiful contact cards that allow you to provide your contact information with style.

Some of the other accessories you can purchase from Style Checks include calculators, note cards, stampers and organizers.  And of course, no set of the perfect checks would be complete without a personalized check register to help you keep good records of your check writing.  Style Checks can provide it all in one easy transaction.

For one-stop shopping for all of your check needs and beyond, Style Checks is a great choice.  No matter whatpersonality or taste you want to share with the world through your checks and accessories, Style Checks has everything you need.  Give your wallet and purse a makeover with beautiful checks, checkbook covers, contact cards and much more from Style Checks.  The selection and value will keep you coming back as a customer for a long time to come.

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