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Techniques for Cleaning Berber Carpet

Techniques for Cleaning Berber Carpet

Cleaning Berber carpet is not as difficult as you may have heard. In fact, depending upon what type fiber your Berber carpet is made from, cleaning the carpet’s surface can be a simple task. The key to cleaning your carpet effectively without causing unintentional damage is to know the construction of it. Originally, Berber was only made of light and natural colors which showed dirt extensively, while darker carpets constructed of different materials did not show the dirt. This turned consumers off of the brand as they considered Berber carpet too difficult to clean.

With advancements in technique and materials, Berber carpet is now made of two other fibers than wool; olefin and nylon. Berber carpet today is more durable than it has ever been mainly because of these new materials. The carpet is made of a series of strong, short loop piles that run in parallel lines, making it very dense. The loops and resulting density significantly reduces any appearance of footprints in your carpet.

Cleaning Berber Carpet Made of Olefin

Olefin is a polypropylene that is naturally resistant to moisture. While olefin is easier to clean than wool Berber carpet, it lacks the beauty in design that wool or nylon provides. Here are a few tips to consider with olefin Berbers:

  • Olefin can resist stains and dirt because of its polypropylene properties. Dirt and stains remain on the surface of the carpet because of this, making for an easier, quick cleaning.
  • Olefin’s water resistant properties ensure that it will dry quickly after a steam cleaning.
  • Steam cleaning is recommended for olefin Berber because the water resistant properties combined with the high extraction water recovery functionality used when steam cleaning result in a very clean and dry carpet.

Cleaning Berber Carpet Made of Nylon

Nylon is a man-made fiber that has the appearance of a wool Berber but is relatively inexpensive compared to wool. Nylon is also easier to work with than wool and more appealing in design than an olefin Berber carpet. Consider these tips with your nylon Berber carpet:

  • Nylon Berber has a greater density than a cut pile carpet. Steam cleaning a nylon Berber carpet will be more difficult and will take longer for the extraction of moisture from the fibers.
  • Dry cleaning your nylon Berber carpet is recommended because you can control the amount of moisture that goes into the carpet.
  • Nylon Berber resists abrasion and has the ability to withstand frequent cleanings and heavy traffic. That said, care must be used with any rotating brush attachments as they can damage your nylon Berber should a bristle become entangled in one of the carpet’s loops.

The main thing to remember with any type Berber carpet is that vacuuming at regular intervals will help reduce the dirt in the fibers of your carpet between your scheduled heavy cleanings. Removing stains immediately will also help with carpet maintenance.