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Temporary Resources: Everything You Should Know

Temporary Resources: Everything You Should Know

Temporary Resources, Inc is a North Carolina based company offering both businesses and individuals opportunities to find and fill temporary positions.  The company also has locations in Iowa and Lousiana, and is a fast-growing woman-owned business that has won a number of awards and is quickly becoming known as the top choice for temporary staffing in the areas the company serves.  Temporary Resources can help businesses to fill a wide variety of positions incluidng temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions.  

Temporary Resources ensures the highest quality from their candidates using a seven step screening process.  The seven steps in the process are the front desk initial observation screening, the pre-application questionnaire, a National Database Criminal Registry check, an extensive eight page application that includes work hsitory, a safety quiz and references, a one on one interview, a behavoral analysis, and an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification.  There are also further screening processes available as options for potential employers from Temporary Resources.  These include drug screening, credit checks, education checks and IVO evaluations.  This comprehensive screening process means you can trust candidates from Temporary Resources to be the best around.

Those looking to apply for a temporary position through Temporary Resources will find that the company is also dedicated to serving its employees.  The easy to use online application and account management system makes applying for jobs simple and quick.  Temporary Resources also offers a number of completely free services for job seekers including computer training, assistance with writing and improving your resume, and skills evaluation.  They will work with you to help you to get the job you are seeking, both temporarily and for the long term.  As an employee of Temporary Resources your taxes will be deducted automatically, making it easy to take care of your income taxes until you become a full time employee of the company you work for.  

In addition to providing staffing services, Temporary Resources also offers a number of other services to companies.  They conduct safety seminars and provide safety and risk management consultations.  Temporary Resources offers a full service Human Resources Consultant Services to help you handle all areas of staffing from hiring to dispute resolution.  Temporary Resources also offers a number of organizational services and training seminars.

From staffing to training, Temporary Resources can help your company to grow, thrive, and run better than ever before.  No matter what your needs, Temporary Resources has the services that can help you fill positions with the best candidates, and train both them and your current staff to handle all of the day to day details of a smooth running company.  Temporary Resources has the experience and the knowledge to take care of all of your company’s needs.  Whether you need to quickly fill an unexpected opening or want to find potential long term staff, you can count on the careful screening Temporary Resources provides to get the best people for your needs quickly and easily.

You can contact Temporary Resources online through their website or call the nearest office for assitance.

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