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The 7 Day Cleanse Explained

The 7 Day Cleanse Explained

A 7 day cleanse is a popular method of cleaning out the digestive system over a period of one week in order to improve health and regularity and also aid with weight loss.  There are a number of different 7 day cleanse diets you will see out there – some of them simply use things like fruit and vegetable juices that you can obtain on your own, while others use an actual product that you purchase and use for the cleanse.  The benefits of a 7 day cleanse are somewhat controversial in the medical community, and you should approach any sort of cleansing diet with caution, especially if you are purchasing a product without being certain what is in it.

One of the most common and simplest 7 day cleanse diets out there uses a mix of fruit and vegetable juices.  In some cases these juices are purchased, while in other cases they are made at home using a juicer.  During the 7 day cleanse, the only thing ingested is the juices, and they are used in a specific order and in certain amounts to achieve specific goals.  Some of the juices used in these cleasing diets are things that are a bit harder to find just anywhere, such as wheatgrass juice, which you may need to obtain at a special store.

There are also 7 day cleanse diets that don’t rely solely on liquid, but cut out certan food groups and allow eating only other specific food groups.  These are most often the easiest on the body as going without solid food for 7 days is incredibly hard on the system.  In most cases, these are also considered the safest type of cleanse by doctors.  They are generally meant to remove excess buildup of certain things from the body and create a clean slate in the digestive system.

There are also 7 day cleanse products you can purchase that are advertised either to clean out the system or to help you lose weigh rapidly.  Approach these with caution and talk to your doctor before trying one.  Your body needs certain fuel to keep itself going, and failing to provide it with the nutrients it needs can have serious health consequences.  You should do your research on any 7 day cleanse that makes major promises regarding weight loss, and remember that healthy weight loss that is maintained over the long term takes time and lifestyle changes.

There are plenty of good reasons to try a 7 day cleanse, but you should be certain that you are taking good care of your health and your body when you approach any sort of cleanse.  Be sure you are not denying your body important nutrients, and that you understand that any weight lost this way is unlikely to be permanent unless you make some changes to your lifestyle after the 7 day cleanse.  In fact, anyone approaching a 7 day cleanse should be prepared to make lifestyle changes when it is over in order to ensure that the benefits of the cleanse have a lasting effect on the body.

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