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The Allianz Variable Annuity Guide

The Allianz Variable Annuity Guide

If you are currently planning for your retirement, you may already have a retirement plan in place that consists of a 401(k) or a Roth IRA. You may also have other types of investments in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. But another great way to help you plan for retirement is through the use of an annuity. Annuities are a great way to help you pay for your bills and live the life you are accustomed to once you stop working and retire. One of the most popular annuities is the Allianz Variable Annuity.

In case you were not aware, an annuity is an insurance product that pays you an income upon retirement, although you can utilize the funds in an annuity at any time. This is great for ensuring that you have a steady income even when you retire from working.  The Allianz Variable Annuity begins after you have invested a sum of money into the annuity itself. Then the Allianz Variable Annuity will make payments to you either on one particular date sometime in the future, or on a series of dates in the future. This income can be paid to you either annually, quarterly, monthly or in one large lump sum. The amount of money that you receive from the Allianz Variable Annuity greatly depends on how much money you initially paid into it, as well as how long your payment period is.

The Allianz Variable Annuity typically has two phases: the tax deferred accumulation phase and the retirement income phase.  In the accumulation phase, the Allianz Variable Annuity grows your money, tax deferred, while you choose which investment options to invest it. Taxes are only paid on the Allianz Variable Annuity when you opt to take out a withdrawal.  During the retirement income phase, the Allianz Variable Annuity will provide you with an income by way of various payout options.

There are many benefits of having an Allianz Variable Annuity. One of the most beneficial is that the Allianz Variable Annuity has substantial market growth potential. With this type of annuity, you are able to diversify your money by investing in bonds, stocks and other types of money market options. This can help you to protect your money, and your retirement goals, from market instability.  

Other benefits of the Allianz Variable Annuity include death benefit protection and better coping methods when dealing with economic inflation.  With an Allianz Variable Annuity you can rest assured that your loved ones and beneficiaries will be protected in the event of your death.  In this instance, should you pass away before you have begun to receive payments from the Allianz Variable Annuity your beneficiaries will receive a minimum payment amount of your original investment, if not more. The Allianz Variable Annuity can also help offset market inflation and help you grow your money.

Make sure that you consult an investment professional who can help answer any questions that you have about the Allianz Variable Annuity before you opt into one.

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