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The Aprilaire 700 Humidifier: Your Whole Home Choice

The Aprilaire 700 Humidifier: Your Whole Home Choice

The Aprilaire 700 humidifier is a powerful unit that is capable of providing moisture to your entire home, even a large home, with one machine. If you are looking for a humidifier that is truly automatic and allows you to keep your whole house at the right humidity level to alleviate all kinds of symptoms caused by dry air, the Aprilaire 700 is the perfect choice.

With a .75 gallon per hour evaporation capacity, the Aprilaire 700 offers one of the highest evaporation capacity levels of any humidifier on the market. Compared to other similar humidifiers, the Aprilaire 700 provides 50% more humidity. It is controlled by a completely automatic digital panel that monitors the humidity level in your home and makes certain it stays at the appropriate level. This means you can set the humidifier to the humidity level you prefer and not have to ever think about adjusting it. If you prefer, however the Aprilaire 700 does have a manual mode you can use instead.

With a sensor that monitors the outdoor temperature and responds to any change, the Aprilaire 700 can make sure that the climate inside your house stays just right no matter what is going on outside. It can efficiently humidify homes up to 4200 square feet in size, making it the perfect choice for just about any size house, but especially those larger homes where smaller units fail.

The Aprilaire 700 can be purchased locally or online, and is a great investment for anyone who has struggled with portable humidifiers in the past or has a large house where most single humidifiers would not perform adequately. It can be purchased online or at local retailers, and is supported by the Aprilaire brand guarantee of excellent performance. The Aprilaire 700 delivers the biggest humidification bang for your buck, especially in larger homes.

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