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The Art of Selecting Newsletter Names

The Art of Selecting Newsletter Names

Newsletters are used in many different areas, including within as well as representing a company, neighborhood associations, and clubs and groups. Newsletter names are usually catchy and represent either the values or the purpose of the association the newsletter is representing. Good newsletter names are memorable, easy to understand, and make a statement about the newsletter’s contents.

The most basic of newsletter names are not particularly creative, but can certainly serve the purpose when simplicity is required. Such a name might be simply The “Association Name” Newsletter. This tells readers the basics – who the newsletter is representing, and the very fact that it’s a newsletter. It doesn’t say much more about the association, however. In some cases, this may not matter, but in other cases it can make a big difference.

If you want your newsletter to be read by as many people as possible, then a catchy name that makes people interested in reading is a good idea. Newsletter names that rhyme, have alliteration, that use double meanings, or that have a catchy rhythm to how they are read are all good ways to peak the reader’s interest. They type you choose depends on what sort of image you are trying to project.

For a club or interest group where the newsletter is not about anything particularly serious, a whimsical name can be selected. Newsletter names for shared interest groups are also a good place to use terms or jokes that those who share the interest will understand and find amusing or interesting. If you are trying to appeal to a larger audience, however, you will want to make sure that the reader isn’t puzzled by the name, and that it’s clear what is meant by it.

A school or team might use a mascot as part of their newsletter’s name. This represents the image of the group with a recognizable name. Newsletter names for schools are also usually a bit more fun and less serious than some others might be.

Newsletter names for charitable organizations or businesses generally take a more serious tone. That doesn’t mean they can’t be catchy or memorable! They should still make the reader interested in finding out what the newsletter has to say. A name that represents the goals of the charity, or the products and services provided by the business, is a good way to give readers an idea of what’s inside.

Newsletter names should be short and easy to read; a long name will simply cause confusion, and won’t stand out as well at the top of the page. Try to keep newsletter names to no more than 4-5 words, and use a subtitle to the newsletter to provide more information if necessary. The goal of your newsletter name is to catch attention and make people want to read on. The name itself should simply tell people what to expect.

Good newsletter names are succinct, create the proper image for the company, group or association, and draw people in to make them read what the newsletter contains. Following these simple rules, you can create the perfect name.

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