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The Audi Extended Warranty: Everything You Need to Know

The Audi Extended Warranty: Everything You Need to Know

When you purchase a new Audi, you are making an investment in one of the most prestigious names on the road.  Protecting that investment just makes sense, and the Audi extended warranty plan is a great way to do that.  With multiple levels of service available directly from Audi, you can choose the Audi extended warranty that works best for your needs.  Although every Audi comes with a basic warranty, you can get extended coverage for more parts of your car and for a longer period of time when you select an Audi extended warranty plan, meaning you won’t have to think about repairs on your car for many years, leaving you free to enjoy the ride.

The Audi extended warranty plans are known as the Pure Protection plans, and there are five levels of service available, from the most basic to the most comprehensive.  In addition, there are a number of add-on coverages you can select to make your driving experience even more worry free.

The Powertrain plan is the base level Audi extended warranty plan.  It covers exactly what it says – the powertrain on your Audi.  This means the main components of your car are covered for any mechanical failure.  The next four levels are Silver, Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum.

The Silver level Audi extended warranty adds extra coverage on top of the powertrain, including steering components, brakes, front end suspension, air conditioning and some of the electrical systems.  Moving up to the Gold level Pure Protection plan, you can also enjoy coverage for many of the high tech parts of your car.  The Gold Plus plan adds even more in-depth coverage for high tech components as well as everything in included in the previous plans.  Finally, at the Platinum level you will enjoy an Audi extended warranty on all of the components of you car and nearly every possible mechanical failure.

In addition to these Audi extended warranty plans, you can add on a number of different coverages to keep you worry free on the road.  Some of the available coverages include wear and tear coverage, towing and rental car coverage, and coverage for the fluids in your car and even your tires.  You can choose the coverage options that make the most sense for your needs.

You can include the cost of your Audi extended warranty in your payments when you finance your car, making it easy to get the coverage you need without extra monthly payments.  Your Audi extended warranty is also transferable, meaning that it will improve the resale value of your car because the coverage can be transferred to the new owner.  Getting that sort of peace of mind is a big selling point for anyone buying a used car, and you can count on getting more for your used Audi when you sell it with the warranty in place.  Taking out an Audi extended warranty means that you are covered from many different angles, from the day you buy your new Audi to the day you sell it.

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