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The Average Dermatologist Salary Today

The Average Dermatologist Salary Today

A dermatologist is a doctor who has chosen to specialize in the field of skin care and skin related issues. The dermatologist salary range depends on a number of factors. Dermatologists may focus on anything from acne and aging skin to skin diseases and cancers. The dermatologist salary may be higher depending on the type of practice. A dermatologist is a fully licensed medical doctor who has taken further specialty training to focus on the specific concerns related to the skin and therefore the dermatologist salary is generally in the higher range, much like most specialist doctors.

Types of Dermatology Practices

The variation in dermatologist salary exists in some part due to the differences in the type of skin conditions treated. In a private practice in an affluent area, the average dermatologist salary range may be much higher than for a doctor working in a hospital. This is because the affluent clients who want cosmetic skin issues taken care of will often pay out of pocket, and a higher amount than insurance might pay. At the very high end of the dermatologist salary list you will often find pediatric dermatologists. Because they are rare and often in demand the dermatologist salary in this area is often quite high.

The Average Dermatologist Salary

The range of the average dermatologist salary in the United States starts at around $225,000 per year and goes up well over $400,000 a year. Living on a dermatologist salary is not difficult, and it is perhaps one of the easier choices for a doctor to specialize in because there are no emergencies to deal with and office hours don’t usually run over. The dermatologist salary reflects the increasing awareness of skin issues such as melanoma as well as the aging population demanding new and better methods of hiding and reversing the signs of aging skin.

Other Factors Affecting the Dermatologist Salary Range

Aside from the focus of the practice, much of the variation in the dermatologist salary range depends on the doctor’s experience and the location where the practice is set up. As previously mentioned, an affluent area offers more people willing to pay and resulting in higher dermatologist salary averages in that area. Of course, a dermatologist who has been working in the specialty for many years will fall higher on the dermatologist salary scale than one who is fresh out of medical school.

While there is a broad range of differences in the average dermatologist salary in this country, there is no doubt that these are very well compensated positions. Even at the low end of the dermatologist salary range, doctors specializing in this field will take home a fairly high paycheck, higher than many doctors might see. As the population of this country continues to live longer and the desire to beat aging grows, the dermatologist salary range will likely become even more impressive and the specialty more attractive to new medical students. Even the starting range for the average dermatologist salary will probably become higher in the coming years; this is a very in demand field.

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