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The Basics of Golf Cart Insurance

The Basics of Golf Cart Insurance

Many people don’t think about insurance for something like a golf cart, but remember, it’s a motorized vehicle, and you do need to purchase proper golf cart insurance. Whether you use your golf cart for its original purpose on the course, or use it to get around in a gated community or other living complex, you need to be covered for every eventuality.

Good golf cart insurance should have many of the same coverages you would look for in a policy for your car. Again, we are taking about a motorized vehicle, and though it’s not necessarily subject to all of the same laws that a car would be, there do exist some of the same risks. Your golf cart should carry liability insurance, to protect you in the event that someone is injured or their property is damaged as a result of use of the cart. This includes things like collisions, passengers being injured, or other unexpected events. If you can be found negligent in the operation of the golf cart at the time of the injury or damage occurring, you could be sued. Liability insurance will protect you.

Your golf cart is also an investment, and you will want to carry coverage to protect that investment. Without comprehensive and collision coverage, you could be left holding the bill for repairs or worse – replacement. Comprehensive coverage will protect you in the event of theft, vandalism or any other non-collision event. Collision coverage does just what it says – covers you for any damage to your golf cart from a collision where you are at fault. These are the basics coverages in any golf cart insurance policy.

Your golf cart insurance may also cover you for things such as a trailer used to transport the cart, roadside assistance in case the cart breaks down and needs to be towed, and coverage for any accessories that come with the golf cart. A good, comprehensive policy will ensure that anything that could go wrong with your golf cart is covered.

Where to Start Shopping for Golf Cart Insurance

You may not know where to start when it comes to shopping for golf cart insurance. There aren’t any companies who specialize in golf carts specifically, but there are certainly many companies that offer the coverage. Start with the company that insures your car, home, or other major investments. Odds are they also provide policies for things like golf carts and other types of off-road and recreational vehicles. If they don’t, they can probably refer you to a company that does.

Golf cart insurance premiums are usually pretty reasonable, as most golf carts are not high value vehicles. Especially if you already have other policies with the company, you will usually be offered a good rate and possibly even a discount on other policies for starting up a new policy. The other great thing about staying with one company is that you can usually keep things on one bill, especially if you pay for other policies on a monthly basis.

When you choose a golf cart insurance policy, make sure that you are covered for the replacement cost of the vehicle and carry a high enough limit for your liability coverage. Even if your golf cart doesn’t go particularly fast, it’s a good idea to have as much coverage as possible, especially when the policy isn’t all that expensive. When it comes to any vehicle, better safe than sorry is always the best motto for coverage.

Some companies may offer a policy where your premiums are much lower in the winter, if you live in an area where weather would prevent you from using your golf cart during several months of the year. Be sure to inquire about this if you plan to store your golf cart during the winter months.

Whatever you use your golf cart for, be sure it’s fully protected and you are also protected from having to pay out of pocket for damages or injuries. A golf cart insurance policy gives you valuable peace of mind at a reasonable price, and is well worth the cost. Your golf cart is an investment, so make sure it’s properly protected every time you drive it, whether across the street, or across the green!

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