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The Basics of Horse Mating

The Basics of Horse Mating

Have you ever wondered how the process of horse mating works? Horse mating is a practice that has been around for thousands of years, and is perhaps best known to horse race enthusiasts who understand that some of the most renowned competitors in the sport have been a product of selective and careful breeding. In this article we will go over the basics of horse mating, including the processes of natural mating and breeder assisted mating.

Natural Horse Mating

Natural horse mating can best be described as a “roll the dice” mating system in which the stallion is allowed to graze the pasture along with the other mares in the stable and take his pick of a mate. Naturally, this method has its disadvantages, most importantly that the process is completely left up to nature and the end result may not be as satisfying as you would have hoped. But this method also has many advantages as well. Perhaps the most important of these advantages is that it keeps the handlers out of danger. Mating can be a rough and unpredictable process, and for inexperienced breeders, an extremely dangerous one as well. Natural mating will help prevent any unfortunate injuries in the mating process.

Breeder Assisted Horse Mating

Breeder assisted horse mating is most popular with thoroughbred horses but is also used when breeding a horse for a particular purpose. In breeder assisted mating, a handler selects the mare to be bred and once this decision is made goes through a number of steps to ensure that the mating is a success.

Breeders will usually keep the mare and the stallion separated, but may occasionally walk the mare over to the stallion just to get the two accustomed to each other. Once the mare is in full heat, the breeding process will begin and the stallion is allowed to mount the mare.

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