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The Basics of String Curtains

The Basics of String Curtains

Also sometimes called fringe curtains, string curtains are a style of window dressing that are made of many small strands of string rather than a solid piece of fabric. String curtains can do more than just dress up windows; they are also excellent room dividers and replacements for traditional closet doors. String curtains are generally not chosen for privacy as some other window coverings would be, but are more decorative than functional.

Because of the many tiny strands that make up string curtains , they have a very particular look to them and tend to allow more light to pass through than the average curtain. This makes them a great replacement for sheers either as a stand alone window decoration or as a lighter panel to hang behind heavier curtains. The large number of individual strands in string curtains allow for a great deal of movement it a very light and airy manner, which give a very open and fresh feeling to the room.

When used as room dividers, string curtains provide a sense of separation without cutting off all the light and making the room feel smaller. String curtains can give the illusion of separation while still allowing light to pass through and create a sense of openness.

String curtains are available in a wide variety of colors and differing levels of quality. Very affordable string curtains can be found that are usually made of polyester. There are also some higher quality versions made of rayon viscose that tend to be lighter. String curtains can be cut to various lengths to great interesting visual effects and also to fit any room or window. They make an excellent valance as well, especially when cut on a curve to give more shape and a less square effect in the room.

String curtains are an excellent alternative to standard curtains especially to those seeking a unique home décor solution that is simple, beautiful and also affordable. You can order your string curtains to a custom length, or you can simply alter the standard length to fit your needs. Bear in mind that once you have cut your string curtains you will no longer be able to return them, so make certain that you have the right color and width for your needs before you do any cutting!

Since they are still growing in popularity, you might not be able to find string curtains in all locations locally, but you can call your nearest blind and curtain retailer to find out what they carry before you go. Fortunately, the internet is a great source for string curtains and you will also find the widest selection of colors there. Additionally, the internet is a fantastic place for compare prices and make sure you get the best deal. Wherever you buy your string curtains , be sure to find out the return policy, as curtains can often look very different in your home than they did in a picture online or even in a store with different lighting.

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