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The Benefits of a Cast Iron Hibachi

The Benefits of a Cast Iron Hibachi

The hibachi is one of the simplest types of outdoor grills, using charcoal for cooking on a basic grill. While the hibachi is often seen made of a thinner metal, the cast iron hibachi has some particular advantage over these models. While the cast iron hibachi might be more expensive than those built of thinner and lighter materials and also heavier and thus harder to move around, there are some definite benefits to consider.

Cast iron as a metal holds and conducts heat very well, which makes it perfect for use as hibachi material. A cast iron hibachi will keep the heat from the charcoal in longer and thus allow you to use less charcoal. It is also great for long, low-heat cooking because it can retain so much of the heat from a smaller dose of charcoal. The cast iron hibachi is the perfect choice for just about any cooking application from slow cooking to quick searing because it is so versatile.

You can purchase a cast iron hibachi in a number of shapes and sizes. Although many people think of a hibachi as being round, this is not necessary and in fact the cast iron hibachi comes in rectangular and oblong shapes as well. This makes for a different shape to the grill which can make it easier to cook evenly.

A cast iron hibachi will also last a lot longer than a cheaper one if maintained properly. Cast iron is nearly indestructible and you will likely have your cast iron hibachi for a very long time; much longer than you would have one of the more basic models made of light materials. While it might be harder to move this hibachi around, you likely won’t want to move it at all, but will keep it for a long time.

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