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The Benefits of a Hennessy Hammock

The Benefits of a Hennessy Hammock

If the thought of never having to set up a tent again when you go camping appeals to you, then you simply must check out the Hennessy Hammock.  In this article we will briefly describe what the Hennessy Hammock is, and list a few of the benefits of this revolutionary product.

What is the Hennessy Hammock?

The Hennessy Hammock is a suspended sleeping system that eliminates the need for a tent, regardless of where you decide to camp.  This means no more worries about rocks and roots, and no impact on the environment.  The Hennessy Hammock is suspended between two trees or other permanent structures, and offers all the comfort of your bed at home.  The Hennessy Hammock comes complete with the hammock and the suspension cords, along with a cover and mosquito netting.  Take together, the accessories available with the Hennessy Hammock will allow you to get a perfect night’s rest whether you’re camping in the Amazon Jungle or in your own backyard.

The Benefits of the Hennessy Hammock

Tents can be very cumbersome and difficult to transport, especially when backpacking, but the Hennessy Hammock is a perfect solution to this problem.  Below are just a few of the benefits of the Hennessy Hammock system:

  • Lightweight.  The Hennessy Hammock allows you to travel further and faster when backpack camping
  • Easy set up.  The Hennessy Hammock can usually be set up in no more than 2-3 minutes
  • Consistency.  Your bed will be just as comfortable each night, regardless of where you camp.  No more worries about rocks, mud or other sleeping obstructions.
  • Stays Clean.  Because the Hennessy Hammock is suspended it will remain clean and fresh for the duration of your trip.
  • Bug Proof.  With its zipper cover and mosquito netting, you’ll never have to worry about being a feast for the local bugs.

With the Hennessy Hammock you can go places you’ve never dreamed of and still achieve a comfortable night’s sleep.

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