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The Benefits of a Mop Sink

The Benefits of a Mop Sink

A mop sink can be a great time-saving and labor-saving device, but until recently, these types of sinks were seen almost exclusively in businesses.  Lately, however, more and more people have begun to realize the advantages to having a mop sink installed in their home.  In this article we will briefly describe the function of a mop sink, along with some simple steps for installing one of these items in your home.

What is a Mop Sink?

Much like the name implies, a mop sink is a type of sink originally designed to eliminate the need for a mop bucket when cleaning floors.  Like any other sink, a mop sink has a drain and a water source, with the only differences being that a mop sink is larger than ordinary kitchen and bathroom sinks and is typically installed at ground level to abolish the need for any heavy lifting.  Mop sinks also come in quite handy for cleaning up large items.

Tips for Installing a Mop Sink in Your Home

The following are some very simplified instructions for installing a mop sink on your own, however, if you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself, it never hurts to call a plumber:

  • Determine location.  Mop sinks can be very large, so you want to choose an area large enough to accommodate it, yet still near enough to your main water line.
  • Inserting the drain.  To insert the drain, you’ll need a hole in the sub floor which is at least 6 inches in diameter and approximately ½ inch below the floor.  Once the drain is set, seal it with a combination of lead and oakum.
  • Install the sink.  The sink can now be installed; making absolutely sure it’s level and secure.  Use caulking and grout to prevent leaks, and make certain to test your drain pipe connection before turning on the main water supply.

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