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The Benefits of the Germicidal Air Purifier

The Benefits of the Germicidal Air Purifier

For the cleanest possible air, you will want to consider the germicidal air purifier. Many air purifiers can help control dust, pollen, mold and other air particles, but they can not all take care of the viruses that fill our air. During cold and flu season, the best way to stay healthy is to keep your hands clean, avoid people who are sick, and keep the nasty germs out of the air with a germicidal air purifier.

The germicidal air purifier removes the bacteria and virus particles that make people sick from the air; and if you can’t breathe them in, they can’t make you sick. Many of the illnesses that commonly affect people during cold and flu season are airborne, which makes them so hard to avoid. If you have someone in your home who is sick, the likelihood that you will catch the same illness is high, because the germs fill the air in your home. A germicidal air purifier works better than sanitizing sprays or wipes to clear the air of those nasty bugs.

Most germicidal air purifiers use ultraviolet, or UV light to kill the germs in the air. UV light is well known to be an effective method of killing cold and flu viruses and helping to prevent passing them on. Standard air purifiers are unable to kill the germs even if they do pass through the filters. Running a germicidal air purifier just makes good sense; clearing the air of allergens and dust is helpful, but in the worst of the cold and flu season, the true danger is the viruses and bacteria that can leave you bedridden for days or even weeks.

With the recent scare due to the H1N1 virus, it has become more clear that the germs we think of as minor can be very serious indeed. Even the seasonal flu takes many lives each year. You can protect yourself and all those in your home from these and other dangerous airborne viruses by using a germicidal air purifier.

Most of the germicidal air purifier models on the market, which are also sometimes referred to as anti-bacterial models, also clear the air of the various particles that can cause respiratory problems including allergy attacks and can also aggravate asthma. They also help to control odors as well as clear the air of mold. By choosing an air purifier that does all this as well as cleaning the dangerous germs out of the air in your home, you can get all of the possible benefits an air purifier can provide.

The germicidal air purifier makes breathing the air in your home safer, especially during the winter months when the air in any home is closed up and lacks ventilation. Whether you have children, seniors or anyone else who is vulnerable to cold and flu germs, or just want to get through the winter without so much down time, keeping your air clean with a germicidal air purifier makes good sense for anyone.

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