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The Best Alternatives to Crescent Jewelers

The Best Alternatives to Crescent Jewelers

Crescent Jewelers, a chain of jewelry stores usually found in malls, has had numerous complaints filed against them by customers. If you are one of the many who found themselves subject to poor customer service or defective merchandise, you are probably looking for another place to take your business. Crescent Jewelers, also sometimes known as Friedman’s Jewelers, filed for bankruptcy and went out of business, leaving many customers with unanswered questions and issues. Fortunately, there are many highly reputable jewelry retailers who will provide a better customer experience.

Crescent Jewelers was once the largest retail jewelry chain in California, but went out of business in 2004. This left many customers confused as to how to seek warranty repairs as well as deal with credit cards and other problems. As the mess was cleaned up over several years, those who once turned to Crescent Jewelers for their jewelry shopping needs have had to find a new place to shop.

One of the biggest competitors to Crescent Jewelers is Kay Jewelers, a large chain of mostly in-mall stores that sells a wide variety of jewelry. From bridal sets to affordable gifts, Kay Jewelers caters to just about every possible need of their customers. The company has built a solid reputation and continues to do well by providing top notch service and good quality products. If you are looking for a name with a lot of clout behind it in the retail jewelry industry Kay is a good alternative to Crescent Jewelers, and is very accessible to people of all income levels.

Another option for jewelry shopping is the famous Zales, which calls itself the source for diamonds. If you are in the market for a new diamond ring, bracelet or earrings to replace those bought at Crescent Jewelers or as an additional purchase, Zales is a good choice. They have an excellent reputation in the industry and have stores all over the place, making them easy to find. Zales is generally a little more expensive than Crescent Jewelers was known for, but offers high quality jewelry at still affordable prices.

Of course, with the internet growing every year, you can find an alternative to shopping at Crescent Jewelers online. There are a great number of retailers selling jewelry online at excellent prices, and you will also find the selection to be much better, as an online retailer does not have the constraints that a brick and mortar store has as far as how much inventory they can have on hand. Mall stores like Crescent Jewelers are quickly giving way to such online stores, although some are still going strong based on reputation, and of course the desire to see the jewelry in person before purchasing.

With Crescent Jewelers out of business and the dust settling on the problems left behind, it comes to the other large chains as well as the online sellers of jewelry to fill the void. Previous Crescent Jewelers customers will find that they can have all of their jewelry shopping needs met in other locations, both online and local.

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