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The Best Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

The Best Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

One of the biggest shocks as a parent comes when you find out the cost of car insurance for learner drivers. Young drivers are among the most expensive to insure for good reason – they are statistically far more likely to have an accident than older, more experienced drivers. This means that the insurance company has to buffer than risk by charging more to insure them.

When a driver obtains a learner permit, they must be added to an insurance policy immediately. The company will allow them to drive on that learner permit for a while, but you will be required to provide proof of having passed the driving test and obtaining a full license in order to avoid cancellation of the policy. Car insurance for learner drivers is in theory the same as for any other driver. In most cases, the young driver will simply be added to the parents’ policy.

When you obtain car insurance for learner drivers, be sure that you are insuring that driver on the oldest car you own. In some cases it actually makes sense for a parent to obtain on older vehicle for their teenager in order to be charged less on the insurance. If you obtain car insurance for learner drivers on new, expensive vehicles, you will find the cost of the coverage to be even more astronomical.

In the case where the learner permit belongs to an adult who has never driven before, insurance is a little different. Finding car insurance for learner drivers who do not have a parent with an existing policy can be a bit more complex. Many companies will still insure adult learner drivers, but they will again charge a much higher rate. Although they are adults, they are still inexperienced drivers and thus a higher risk to the company.

When you are in search of car insurance for learner drivers, it pays to shop around. Some companies simply prefer not to insure this type of risk, and so they avoid it by charging even higher rates than their competition. Other companies specialize in high risk drivers and can provide a better rate because they are experienced and willing to work with you.

Talking to an insurance agent is a good way to get information on car insurance for learner drivers. They will be able to tell you what types of policies are available and how to find the best options for both coverage and a better rate.

There is no way around it, car insurance for learner drivers is expensive. The insurance company is taking in a high risk of having to pay out on a claim, and they need to charge higher rates in order to protect themselves. It may seem unfair, but the statistics bear out the higher likelihood of a learner drive having an accident. Get a number of quotes from various companies to find out who can offer you the best rates; just make sure you are also getting good coverage and protecting your own interests as well.

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