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The Best Cooking Classes Long Island Has to Offer

The Best Cooking Classes Long Island Has to Offer

Cooking is a great life skill for any adult. Nothing is more impressive that cooking a beautiful and tasty homemade meal for a date, family or friends. Also, by learning to cook a person can save money, eat healthier and experience new cultures in his or her kitchen. People living in the Long Island area have many great cooking class options right outside their door to learn to cook exotic cuisines around the world.

Alice Ross- Hearth Studios

Chef Alice Ross holds a variety of culinary classes from her cooking studio in Smithtown, New York. Ross has a focus on traditional cooking styles. Alice Ross has been working as a food professional for over twenty years. She teaches at colleges in the New York City area, served in the past as a historical foods consultant for museums and enjoys collecting old books and pots as a hobby. She shares her passion for traditional American food, the ethnic origins or American cuisines and traditional cooking styles such as preservation, cooking on a traditional hearth and more. Her classes include Ancient World Foods, Herbs in Historical Cooking, Native American Cuisines: What Columbus Found and many more.

A La Carte Culinary Services

The owner and operator of A la Carte Culinary Services in Long Island, Polly Talbott, offers a variety of cooking classes that are meant not only to teach students innovative and professional cooking styles, but to be enjoyable classes as well. On top of regular cooking classes for individuals, she offers corporate team building cooking classes which are designed for professionals to teach teamwork and build morale. Some classes available include Dinner Date “Fireplace Dinners”, Classic French Bistro, Sophisticated Sauces, Sangria and Tapas and many more. Talbott also has many years of experience as a food stylist and offers consultations and classes for food styling as well.


Camaje Bistro in Greenwich Village offers a peaceful atmosphere, rave-worthy food and cooking classes by the chef of the bistro, Abigail Hitchcock. Hitchcock’s passion for food started as a child growing up on Long Island and led her to attend culinary school as an adult. Her cooking classes are held in the bistro which gives students a “restaurant chef” experience firsthand. Classes cover everything from total cooking basics in the Cooking with Confidence three class series to more specific classes such as Knife Skills or A Glorious Repast to Brighten a Cold January Day. After taking a class at Camaje, students may find themselves coming back to enjoy the bistro’s food and live music or comedy performances.

The Baking Coach

For those students with a sweet tooth, The Baking Coach located in Smithtown, NY, is a great place to learn the art of baking. Lisa Basini started The Baking Coach in October of 2005 and has been teaching both adults and children how to bake ever since. The Baking Coach offers classes in everything baking from Cake Decorating to Easy as Pie, Valentine’s Day Desserts and many more.

Cooking and baking is a hobby, profession and passion for many people and a skill that is used by all. There is no lack of great cooking classes offered in Long Island.

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