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The Best Cooking Classes Orange County Has to Offer

The Best Cooking Classes Orange County Has to Offer

Orange County may be known for its sunshine, surf and brilliant weather, but it is also home to a whole slew of professional chefs ready to share their knowledge with anyone who wants to break into the world of cooking in their own home. Although a person can learn a lot from watching cooking classes on television, there are some sills that are better learned in person. Cooking classes can prepare home chefs for making healthy meals, gorgeous dinner parties, delicious desserts and much more. Here are some of the best cooking classes Orange County has to offer:

Concept Catering by CK

Concept Catering by CK offers a variety of cooking classes in Orange County taught by the esteemed local chef, Kurt Metzger. Metzger has received many national awards and much recognition for his wedding catering business but also teaches cooking classes to share his knowledge of culinary arts. Before starting his own catering company, Metzger was known for his French inspired cooking in restaurants. His love for cooking started as a child growing up in Pasadena, CA.

The cooking classes are based on a three course menu which is picked by the students ahead of time. Different reasons for taking a group class include corporate team building, family reunions, birthday parties and more. All the basics are taught in class including knife skills, braising, poaching and more. Besides just the basics, each class leads to a beautiful meal that can easily be replicated at home.

Thyme for Cooking

Thyme for Cooking offers a unique cooking class experience because the classes are taught in the student’s home. The cooking classes are taught by Chef Steve and include all the basics such as knife skills, but also more specialized skills such as how to cook low carb or low fat meals at home. Chef Steve also has a variety of classes for kids.


Tspoons is a well established Orange County cooking school which offers classes during the day, evening and weekend for all kinds of cooking experiences, events and more. Tspoons has an impressive lineup of six chefs who have worked and studied all over the world. The school has received raving reviews from past students who attended cooking classes for birthday parties and bridal showers and they specialize in corporate team building cooking classes as well. The average class size is just 8-12 students and they are more than happy to accommodate vegetarians or students with food allergies.

Laguna Culinary Arts

Laguna Culinary Arts offers not only professional chef certification courses, but many cooking classes and series of classes for the home chef. They offer everything from classes on baking to sushi and creative plating. Students leave each class with the knowledge to cook something delicious even for the pickiest of eaters. Laguna Culinary Arts also offers culinary vacations for people visiting the Orange County area and looking to pick up some cooking skills or locals who are interested in a fun “staycation”.

The cooking classes Orange County has to offer are excellent for anyone in the area looking to learn how to make something tasty.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Kubina.

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