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The Best DJ Business Cards Money Can Buy

The Best DJ Business Cards Money Can Buy

If you are a freelance DJ who is in the market to design and purchase the best DJ business cards that money can buy you might be tempted to spend many hours researching all of your options. However, you should keep in mind that the best items are oftentimes the most simple – the entire goal of your business card is to promote you, your business, and your music (naturally), and also encourage potential clients to hang onto your business card until they have a need for a DJ!

Keep in mind that your DJ business cards should be designed with your potential clients in mind and should be a reflection of the type of events that you will be performing at. As an example, if your specialty is providing music for weddings and wedding receptions, then the theme of your DJ business cards should reflect your specialty in an elegant manner.

Keep The Info Relevant

The information on your DJ business cards, just like the information for a business card in any other kind of industry, should be relevant and contain only your contact details. Your name, your phone number, email and website address along with the type of events that you cater to.

Try to avoid putting information on your business card that simply will not work to get your message across to your potential clients.

Designing For Success

When it comes to the design of your DJ business cards you should consider hiring a professional graphic artist who specializes in creating unique custom looks for creative professionals. Your business card should certainly contain the information that gets your message across to your potential clients but it should also do so in a bright vibrant manner without edging towards the tacky.

Your design professional will be able to point you in the right direction to the perfect business card design – it should be colorful and it should stand out with the use of bright colors that are not too loud or distracting from your contact details.

Remember that when it comes to the promotion of your business, the better design you have the better you will be able to garner attention with your DJ business cards.

Printing – Using The Best Materials

Printing your business cards is not an area where you should skimp on the spending; if you print on thin flimsy card stock you run the risk of your cards being torn, fraying, or otherwise falling apart before your potential clients have even had the chance to use your DJ services.

If you plan on printing your business cards on card stock then you should be sure to use the highest quality that you can find. Another alternative to printing on card stock is to get your DJ business cards printed as business card sized magnets. Magnetic business cards are much more likely to be kept by your potential clients which, in turn, increases the likelihood that your cards will do their job as effective marketing tools.

No matter which design or printing direction you take, you should always remember that your business cards can prove to be an effective part of your overall business plan if you allow them to be.

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