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The Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

The Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Every different eye color is complimented by a different palette of makeup colors. The best eyeshadow for brown eyes is a set of colors that work well with the eye color, make is really stand out, and of course work well with the skin tone as well.

Fortunately for women with brown eyes, the best eyeshadow for brown eyes isn’t just one particular color. Brown-eyed women can pull off a whole host of eyeshadow colors that women with blue or green eyes can’t always work with. When choosing an eyeshadow for brown eyes, keep in mind your hair color and skin tone as well, because they will play a role in which shades work best for you.

Brown eyeshadow works beautifully on brown eyes, and it comes in many different shades. Dark espresso tones really bring out the depth of very dark brown eyes, and also play up lighter browns. A combination of a lighter brown for the eyelid and a darker brown as a contour in the crease is a fabulous combination.

A great eyeshadow for brown eyes when you want something a little more dramatic is a beautiful metallic shade like gold, or a bright champagne tone with plenty of shimmer to it. These colors will give a lot of light to your eyes while picking up any lighter flecks that you may have in your eye color that aren’t noticeable otherwise.

When it comes to brighter colors that really pop, a good choice of eyeshadow for brown eyes is a gorgeous jewel tone like purple. Violet shades of purple compliment brown eyes very well, and it doesn’t take much to make a statement with this color. Lighter lavender shades that almost verge on pastels are also beautiful for brown eyes. The type of purple you can use successfully really depends greatly on your skin tone – darker skin tones can almost always get away with deeper, richer shades. But, if used correctly, even pale skin tones can work with jewel tones, and dark skin tones shine in pastels.

Brown eyed women can also wear other shades easily, including blues and greens. The right eyeshadow for brown eyes depends on a lot of factors, but in most cases just about any color will work well.

When choosing eyeshadow for brown eyes, many women turn to kits that have been created specifically with their eye color in mind. These kits can contain only three shades – a base, a contour and a highlight – or multiple shades that can be mixed and matched to create the right look for your eyes as well as your skin and hair. Many makeup manufacturers have kits designed specifically to help women choose the best eyeshadow for brown eyes.

Remember that as with all cosmetics, trial and error is often the rule of selecting an eyeshadow for brown eyes. What looks good on a model might not suit you, so try different shades until you find exactly what works best for you. Makeup is a personal thing, so take the time to find your own best shade.

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