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The Best Garage Conversion Plans

The Best Garage Conversion Plans

Are you looking to convert your garage into a livable part of your home? Perhaps you need a playroom for the kids? Or perhaps you are interested in adding a brand new master bedroom to your home to accommodate your expanding family? No matter your reasons for adding to your home’s square footage, there are many available garage conversion plans – the key is to find one that works best for your needs and for your home’s existing structure.

Since your home’s garage already has a foundation, four walls, and it also has a roof, it can be a relatively easy to convert your garage into a warm and cozy living space. However, much like the building out of a basement presents several problems, there are a few challenges that homeowners will find themselves facing when they set about converting their home’s garage – including cold floors, the potential of low insulation in the walls, and of course the giant gaping hole left by the garage door. However, with a good selection of garage conversion plans, homeowners can find a workable solution for the problems that their garages present.

Designing Your Own Plans

If you have the assistance of a plumber and electrician, you should be able to easily design your own garage conversion plans; bringing in a contractor to help you verify that your ideas can be turned into a feasible and workable design could also prove to be very beneficial. Remember that you will need to take several things into consideration when doing the conversion and the input from a professional can be highly beneficial. A contractor who has experience with converting garages into living spaces will have a good understanding as to what is needed in terms of design and functionality – from adding insulation and drywall to the installation of your heating and cooling system for the space.

Your city’s code compliance department might require several additions that you may not have thought of – a contractor can help to ensure that you cover all areas.

Seeking Out Garage Conversion Plans

If you are at a loss as to what you are looking to do with your garage space when you convert it, consider a consultation with a building contractor who has extensive experience with garage conversions. He is very likely to have access to a range of plans that will not only utilize your space in an efficient manner, but they will also pass city code requirements.

If you have a large space to convert and are considering doing additional changes to your home then you may also need to bring in a structural engineer in order to ensure that structural integrity of your home is not compromised by the changes that you will be incorporating.

Remember that the best garage conversion plans are plans that help you to transform your cold and dingy garage into a warm and useable living space that meets all of your needs for additional space in your home. Whether you are looking to add a new bathroom, new family room, or convert a large detached garage into an apartment guest space – converting your garage can add great value to your home.

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