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The Best Microdermabrasion Chicago Has to Offer

The Best Microdermabrasion Chicago Has to Offer

When it comes to locating the best microdermabrasion Chicago has to offer, you have plenty of great choices.  Chicago is a great city for locating skin care services, with a wealth of professionals offering their skills and experience in the area.  If you are new to the treatment or even if you are an veteran of microdermabrasion, Chicago is the place to be to find great skin care specialists who will give you the best treatment money can buy.

There are two main options for the best microdermabrasion Chicago has to offer.  The first is to visit a spa, and the second is to visit your dermatologist.  Furthermore, there are two different types of spas to choose from.  When it comes to microdermabrasion, Chicago has some of the best spas around – of both types.  The first type of spa to offer microdermabrasion is a day spa that also offers other body and skin care services, such as massage, nail care and facials.  This type of spa usually has estheticians, skin care specialists who have studied the many different treatments for skin problems, but have no medical background.

Your other option for microdermabrasion, Chicago medical spas, is a slightly different level of care.  Medical, or med spas, usually offer only the more advanced skin treatments and may even do such procedures as laser stretch mark removal and others.  Generally, the staff are trained specifically in this area.  You might pay a little more for a microdermabrasion treatment here, but you will know that there is a higher level of medical training in those taking care of you.

Of course, the final option for the highest level of microdermabrasion Chicago can provide is to see a doctor – a dermatologist who has studied skin care issues in depth.  Although your dermatologist is a medical doctor, you will likely find that your insurance will not cover your microdermabrasion treatment because it is a cosmetic procedure.  Microdermabrasion procedures done in a medical office environment are often considered the safest option.

Still, microdermabrasion is generally a safe procedure, and you can get a great treatment from any of these options if you take the time to find out which providers have the most experience performing the procedure.  When looking for microdermabrasion, Chicago area beauty professionals are a good place to start.  If you already have a hair stylist or regular spa you visit for other beauty needs, ask them if they can recommend a good place for microdermabrasion.  Odds are good that they will have the inside scoop on who has the best reputation in the industry.

If you are ready to get microdermabrasion, Chicago has a wide variety of great places and excellent, skilled providers.  This means it will be easy to find a trustworthy and reputable expert to take care of your skin properly.  A good microdermabrasion treatment can make a huge difference in the appearance and feel of your skin, making you look younger and more radiant.  Chicago is a great place to get the skin of your dreams! 

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