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The Best Options for a Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The Best Options for a Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Once you have tasted home made tortillas, you may never want to go back to the store bought version again.  Unfortunately, making tortillas can be a time-consuming and exhausting process, especially if you are doing it by hand with only a rolling pin.  A cast iron tortilla press can make the job go a lot quicker and provide you with more even tortillas that cook up perfectly and taste much better than a tortilla from a bag!

The cast iron tortilla press is not the only option for making tortillas.  There are also wooden and aluminum press options on the market.  Any serious tortilla maker, however, will appreciate the heavy duty build of a cast iron tortilla press.  The weight of the unit makes pressing the thinnest, flattest tortillas easier than ever before, while it’s sturdy base will keep the tortilla press in place while you work.  A cast iron tortilla press will last for many years and requires very little in the way of maintenance.

When selecting a cast iron tortilla press, you should take a few things into consideration.  First, look at the joints and hinges.  You will want them to be able to withstand opening and closing repeatedly.  They should move smoothly and not be loose or too tight either.  Lift the handle and see how it feels – remember that you will be performing that motion over and over again when you use your cast iron tortilla press to make tortillas!

There are a few popular models of cast iron tortilla press on the market today, and most of them function in much the same way.  Two heavy cast iron plates come together to literally press the dough into a tortilla shape.  The handle on top lifts the top plate and then brings it down onto the dough and flattens the dough.  This handle should feel comfortable in your hand and be easy to grip.  This will make it easier to use.  You should also be able to exert enough force to flatten the dough easily and without an excessive amount of effort.  Making tortillas does take some physical labor, but a good cast iron tortilla press should make the job easier, not harder.

A good cast iron tortilla press should cost you about $15-20.  There is no real reason to pay any more than this for a good quality tool.  Cast iron is a sturdy material that will last a lifetime with proper use, so your initial investment is one that will not likely need to be repeated.  This can’t be said for other types of tortilla press, some of which actually cost even more than a cast iron model.  This makes the cast iron tortilla press not just the right tool for the job, but also the longest-lasting option and thus budget friendly.

Making your own tortillas with a cast iron tortilla press is an affordable and healthy alternative to buying store bought tortillas – and they will be fresher and taste a lot better as well!

Photo courtesy of Burger Baroness.

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