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The Best Options for Colored Laptops

The Best Options for Colored Laptops

In the current market of laptops, it is no surprise that users are now able to find models with a range of external colors.  Customization options in way of other devices, such as iPods, gives users the choice of colors to personalize the device – why not laptops?

Users that are drawn to colored laptops do not have to buy a new model.  While it may not be preferable, you can easily purchase skins to place on your laptop to give it some color.  There are plenty of companies that offer such products, with endless possibilities in the way of customization.

If you’re looking for the best options for colored laptops, you are in luck.  There are plenty of models that can be noted that span the color rainbow of laptops.  We will look at some options for popular colors; this is certainly not an exhaustive list.

Dell is one computer manufacturer that cannot be overlooked for unique colored laptops.  The Dell Inspiron is one line that features a number of different colors, such as yellow, green, blue, red, and others.  Lacking a glossy finish, these line of laptops are a strong choice for users wanting a nice colored laptop for the money.

In addition to these colors, there are further mentions that are of note for the Dell Inspiron line.  Not only can you purchase laptops from this line with a wide range of colors, but colorful patterns as well.  These designs not only add color, but a unique style.

Also from Dell is the XPS line which features a range of color options.  This marks a higher line of computers in terms of performance/price.  Certainly Dell is a strong choice is you want a colored laptop.

Sony is another brand that offers colored laptops.  If you’re interested in these, the Sony VAIO EA series is sure to please.  Black, blue, white, and pick are some of the choices that you will encounter in the ever-popular VAIO line of computers from Sony.  Additionally, you may find the VAIO EB series to your liking, which features a larger 14-inch screen.

Feel free to browse the Internet and stores if you don’t find the right color or laptop – with color – for you.  Certainly Dell and Sony are not the only manufacturers that offer colored laptops, though these are strong starting points if this is what you want.  Acer, Gateway, Toshiba, and HP, among others, have models which feature bold and varying colors to give your laptop the expression that you want.

Take some time to look at the options that are available to you with colored laptops.  If you can’t find the right mix of color and what you want in a laptop, you could try to customize your own online at the manufacturer’s website.  Alternatively, maybe a skin that fits over the laptop can give you the color that you want.  Consider some of the popular options that you have before you for getting the color you want on your next laptop.

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