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The Best Options for Female Student Car Insurance

The Best Options for Female Student Car Insurance

Shopping for car insurance can be complicated, and shopping for female student car insurance can be even more complex.  Insurance companies often have incredibly high rates for female student car insurance due to the youth and inexperience of the driver, but fortunately there are some ways to get around that and pay a fair amount for your car insurance.  It simply requires some shopping around and asking the right questions to get you the best female student car insurance rate possible.

The first thing to do is to find out if a discount is available to good students.  Many insurance companies will provide a discount of up to 20% on female student car insurance rates when the student can prove that they maintain a certain grade point average.  The required grade point average will vary from company to company, so be sure to ask exactly what you are required to carry.  You should also be sure to ask how often you will need to requalify for the discount.  Some insurance companies require a new transcript yearly, or every time the policy renews, which may even be every 6 months.  It is well worth getting a copy of your transcript to you insurance company in order to save big money on female student car insurance.

Another way to get a good rate is to keep your insurance grouped with your parents policies if possible.  While getting female student car insurance on your own may help you feel independent, odds are good it will also mean you pay more.  The reason for this is that your parents likely receive a number of discounts on their insurance due to things like longevity with the company and having more than one policy with them as well, such as home and life insurance.  These discounts can be applied to a female student car insurance policy as well as long as the student obtains the policy through her parents.

When looking for female student car insurance there are a few other things to keep in mind as well.  A more valuable car will be more expensive to insure, so consider buying an older vehicle if you want your premiums to stay low.  You should also bear in mind that the further you drive the more you will pay in most cases, especially if you commute to and from school every day.  Students who live on campus will often get a better rate since they don’t drive the car as often.  

Compare rates on female student car insurance from a number of companies to see who offers the best deal.  Make sure they are all quoting you the same coverage levels so that you can be certain of comparing apples to apples.  Don’t let an insurance company trick you into taking low coverage because it costs less; you need to be covered properly.  Choose the best rate that also comes with good service and a company you can trust.  The right female student car insurance should make you feel that you are protected and that your interests are being served.

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