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The Best Places to Buy Hotel Mattresses

The Best Places to Buy Hotel Mattresses

When you are travelling, a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by.  But there are those times when you slip into a hotel bed and feel right at home.  Good quality hotel mattresses can make your stay in a hotel so pleasant that you don’t even want to go home.  If you have left the hotel wondering where you can buy that mattress you had such a good night’s sleep on, don’t worry!  Many of the mattress companies that provide hotel mattresses to the biggest hotel chains in the world are willing to sell their best hotel mattresses to the public.

The best thing to do is to ask the hotel staff what type of mattress they use.  This is much easier than trying to unmake your bed to read the label and then re-make the bed!  Some of the biggest hotel chains in the world use some of the biggest mattress names around, such as Serta.  Once you know the name of the manufacturer of hotel mattresses that interest you, you can look into the company directly to find out if they sell their hotel mattresses to the public; many of them do.

Serta, for example, sells their hotel mattresses to the public directly through their website, making it easy to get your hands on that fantastic mattress you slept on last night.  The mattresses that W Hotels use are made by big name mattress company Simmons, and you can buy them through the W hotels online store.  In many cases the hotel mattresses of large chains are designed specifically for that chain.  It may be a very specific type of mattress you can’t purchase anywhere else, so you will need to get it from the manufacturer or the mattress company directly.

Most hotel mattresses are not sold in stores and there really aren’t many discounts offered on them.  They can be very pricey as well.  While the hotels get a great deal, they are buying in bulk so they get a bigger discount.  You are probably not interested in buying more than one mattress, so you can expect to pay more.  In some cases, the hotel chain has arranged for a deal on the hotel mattresses they use for their valued guests.

Hotel mattresses are a specific brand and model, so you should be sure to inquire as to exactly which one they use.  Just knowing that it is a Serta or a Simmons is not enough!  Still, you can probably get the right information from the mattress company when you are shopping for hotel mattresses.

Most of the time, hotel mattresses are a special order, so you will need to place an order online or with the company directly in order to get what you want.  With sleep at a premium for so many people these days, there is really no question of whether or not a comfortable mattress is worth the cost.  If you have found hotel mattresses that are just right for you; you will find sleeping well at home worth the cost.

Photo courtesy of Comfort Suites Denver Tech Center Hotel.

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