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The Best Portable Car Heater Options

The Best Portable Car Heater Options

Whether your car heater is not functioning properly or just inefficient for heating the interior of your car quickly and throughly in the cold winter months, a portable car heater is a great option for fast warmth and quick defrosting of windows.  There are a number of portable car heater options available on the market, and choosing the right one is fairly simple when you know what you want in a heater.  

The most common type of portable car heater is the type that plugs into your car’s power adaptor – the same place you plug in your cell phone charger.  This type of portable car heater has a cord that extends from the power adaptor to the heater itself.  The length of the cord determines the placement of the heater, so look for one with a longer cord so that you can place the heater anywhere you like.  Some cars have a power adaptor in the back seat, especially newer cars. This makes it easy to plug the portable car heater in where it will be able to heat the back seat of the car, which is the area that is most commonly served poorly by the car’s built in heating system.

There are some more powerful portable car heater options that will require a device known as a power inverter.  This is something that you plug into the car’s power adapter, and can then plug any device using a standard two or three prong plug into the inverter.  Some of the car heaters out there use standard plugs, so you can use a power inverter to provide the type of power needed to run a stronger portable car heater.

Many of the portable car heater options on the market can also serve double duty.  They have a built in fan that will blow cool air in the summer, allowing those in the back of the car far from windows or air conditioning vents to be cooler and more comfortable.  This is a great option for those who do not have air condition as well, helping to circulate air in the car on hot days.

When choosing a portable car heater, you should look for one that is powerful enough for the size of your car.  If you drive a large SUV or truck you will likely find that a stronger heater is required in order to get enough heat moving through the vehicle to keep everyone warm.  Smaller vehicles will need a smaller heater.  Look for one that is adjustable so you can set the heat right where you want it and not be too hot or too cold.

Always use an approved portable car heater and not a heater meant for other purposes to ensure safety.  Propane heaters, for example, are very useful outdoors but can not be used in an enclosed space because of the fumes they let off that can be very dangerous if inhaled.  Home heaters are also not designed for in car use and may be dangerous.  

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