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The Best Puppy Pens For Your Dog

The Best Puppy Pens For Your Dog

Bringing home a new dog can be an incredibly exciting time for every member of your family – what is sweeter than a soft and cuddly puppy? Then the reality of life with a puppy sets in – housetraining issues, obedience training issues, chewing and other destructive behavioral issues – they all can make a new dog owner wring his hands out of extreme frustration. However, by adding one or more puppy pens into your home as part of your training methods, you will soon find that life with your puppy can be wonderfully rewarding.

Indoor Usage

Keeping your new family member in puppy pens can help to keep him safely contained without the need to crate him. While the correct incorporation of a crate can certainly be a very useful part of effective housetraining, puppy pens offer your dog a little bit more freedom to move around when you are out of your home.

The puppy pens that you select should have ample room for your pet’s food and water bowls while also providing him with a dry place to sleep. A pen that can be quickly set up and folded once you’re done with it is generally a better option than a pen that proves to be difficult to manage inside of your home.

For dog breeders, puppy pens can be a great place for a new mom and her puppies to hang out until the puppies are old enough to go to new homes. Keeping puppies contained is as much for their own safety as it is for the safety of your personal belongings.

Outdoor Usage

If your family enjoys camping or spending time outdoors, puppy pens can help to keep your pup from running off and getting himself into trouble. Remember that your puppy should never be left outdoors for an extended amount of time without adequate supervision. While puppy pens can certainly keep your pup safe and contained, small rocks, sticks, and even grass could prove to be choking hazards to a curious puppy.

Plastic vs. Metals

When it comes to selecting the best puppy pens for your use, you have two primary options: plastic pens, or metal wire pens. Both plastic and wire puppy pens are perfectly suited to be used both indoors and outdoors however there are key differences between the two of them.

While plastic pens can be easier to break down when not in use, they may prove to be enticing for a bored puppy with a high chew drive. Wire pens are a lot more durable and may offer you a longer-lasting option.

Many of the metal wire options offer a raised floor with a removable tray that can not only help to keep your pup away from water  he spills but can also make cleaning up after your dogs a much easier and faster process.

Ranging in price from $35 for a small more modest pen all the way up to several hundred dollars for a high-end large pen – the amount of money that you spend on puppy pens should depend entirely on how long you intend to use it for and what you intend to use it for!

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