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The Best Shaker Bottle For Your Training Needs

The Best Shaker Bottle For Your Training Needs

Whether looking to build muscle or lose weight, the addition of protien and/or energy mixes to your training routine will help you improve your performance and feel better about yourself while doing so. But stopping your routine to stir powder into liquid can create nothing more than a gloppy mess at the bottom of the bottle.

Spoons are easy to use. But spoons aren’t designed to break up the clumps that form when stirring in powder. Blenders are thorough, breaking up every last clump. But blenders are a hassle to use, requiring extra time, energy, and cleanup afterwards.

The Shaker Bottle provides the perfect solution, striking an ideal balance between easy use and thoroughness. Its innovative design thoroughly mixes the drink, leaving behind no clumpy mess, and it’s easy enough that even a child can use it.

The Shaker Bottle is crafted with resilient plastic with a tight-fitting lid, making it excellent for use when working out. There’s no need to be concerned about spills or messes when using this bottle! There’s no cord or batteries required to make the Shaker Bottle work – just your own arm and ability to shake. You pour in the ingredients, close the lid, and shake until everything’s perfectly blended. It can be shaken with as much strength as you desire. The seal formed by the lid is powerful enough to withstand even the most vigorous shaking.

The way the Shaker Bottle works is with either an agitator, a wheel, or a wire wisk. These built-in items break up every last clump and lump formed, making sure every speck of powder is thoroughly mixed into the liquid, quickly and easily creating your protien shake or energy drink without any hassle to you.

Once the drink is blended, you can open the large opening on the bottle top to pour the drink into a glass. But why bother with extra dishes? The Shaker Bottle also has a built-in drink spout, allowing you to mix your drink and enjoy it, all from the same bottle! No extra dishes to wash later, no extra fuss or cleanup, and no risk of spilling while pouring between glasses. This bottle is the ultimate all-in-one, allowing you to mix and drink on the go in the middle of your workout, or whenever.

With a variety of products on the market, you’ll want to find the best fit for your training needs. The ‘Zyliss Shake ‘n Go Tumbler’ is a sixteen ounce bottle with measurement marks, making it a cinch to measure out the proper amounts before blending. The ‘Sundesa Blender Bottle’ is available in either twenty or twenty-eight ounce sizes. It uses the patented BlenderBall wire whisk to create the perfect, smooth blend that you need. The ‘BodyTech Shaker Bottle‘ is specially designed for BodyTech shakes, perfect for the gym, the office, or wherever else you may need to go.

Whichever one you choose, all three of these offer a simple, mess and hassle-free experience for your training. All are dishwasher safe and can also be used for any other blending needs you may have, from homemade sauces to pancake mixes.

Now you can rev up your body with the energy it needs during your training time without having to stop and go through the hassle of preparing your drink. Just add the ingredients, shake, and enjoy!

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