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The Best Sources for Decal Paper

The Best Sources for Decal Paper

For any crafter or artist, decal paper is a very sueful tool to help create just the look you are going for in a wide variety or projects.  It is also a great choice for decorating, especially in a child’s room.  Decal paper is available in a range of different types for various applications, from wax to wood.  The right decal paper is vital to getting the look and of course to the success of your project.  Fortunately, finding a good selection of different types of decal paper is not hard.

The internet is the source for just about any type of decal paper you could possibly need.  If you are looking for something specific, you can’t go wrong with the specialized internet retailers that sell all of the different types.  You won’t have to run all over town to find tattoo decal paper, soap decal paper or any other type you can think of.  There are online retailers that offer every possible type all in one place.  

Decal paper is available for use in both inkjet and laser printers.  This allows you to create, print, and attach the image you want to just about any surface.  When you purchase decal paper online, make sure that you are choosing the type that works appropriately with your printer type; this might not always be obvious so read the fine print!

Of course, if you are in a hurry and need some decal paper right away, or simply like to peruse the possibilities, many craft stores carry it.  Places that specialize in stationary may offer it as well, and even some office supply stores.  The easiest type to locate is the iron on transfer type of paper, which is often even sold at large retailers like Target.  For your best selection of varying types of decal paper, however, a craft store is probably your best bet.  Try the section dedicated to paper products such as scrapbooking to find what you are seeking.

If you want to buy decal paper in large quantities, you are once again best to go back to the internet.  There you can often buy direct and larger amounts of the paper you need will cost less.  Most craft stores do not sell in bulk and therefore you will have to pay a lot more for smaller packages of the same thing.  Online you will have better luck finding larger packages.  You will also find it easier to get a lot of different choices at once.

Decal paper is a great way to add decoration to just about anything and personalize your projects.  Wherever you buy it, be sure to look for good quality that will handle printing well and also be easy to use without tearing.  Shopping online gives you the opportunity to read others’ reviews of the paper and find out how well it worked for them before you purchase.  This will prevent you from winding up with a lot of low quality decal paper that you can’t use.

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