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The Best Sources for Franklin Covey Planner Refills

The Best Sources for Franklin Covey Planner Refills

Franklin Covey planners represent the standard when it comes to physical planners.  As a matter of fact, it has even branched into electronic form with the growing need for electronic forms of time management. 

Let’s face it: these planners can become expensive when you need to buy refills.  With the ability to purchase refills both online and in stores, you may not know how to get the best prices on your Franklin Covey planner refills.  However, we will explore some methods with which to take advantage of discounts on these products.

Perhaps the easiest way is to note prices in stores around you.  After all, shipping charges online could impact any deal that you might receive on planner refills.  Simply take a look at how much the refills cost at local stores; check Office Depot, Staples, Office Mac, Target, and Wal-Mart, along with any other stores that may carry Franklin Covey products.

If you can’t find good prices in stores, you will ultimately need to investigate on the Internet to truly find the best deals.  You could keep tabs on popular retailers such as Amazon and the stores previously listed; they could host specials online.  The website eBay could also give some good prices, though you’ll need to be careful there with reputable sellers.

Office stores online could be your best bet.  Research and do some homework on office supply stores on the Internet.  You would do well to find those that have free shipping and stores that commonly run sales. 

You should also try searching directly for the product itself.  Inserting the word “sale” or “discount” along with “Franklin Covey planner refill” could bring up some advertised sales online.  As this is a popular product, online retailers may hold sales to get rid of their stock.

Another possibility is in regard to coupon codes.  There are plenty of sites that store codes for certain products and websites.  If there is a coupon code available for the Franklin Covey planner refills, or for a website that carries the planner refills, that could make for a combination that could save you some money.

A final recommendation for an actual source comes with the actual website.  Go to the Franklin Covey official website.  There you can join the mailing list which will keep you in the loop for sales.  The planner and its refills are sold on the Franklin Covey website, so you should find some luck in receiving decent deals if you subscribe.

As you are looking for deals on the planner refills from Franklin Covey, you will need to be careful online.  Ensure that the page is secure when you are ordering with any online retailer; your browser will show that your sensitive data is secure.  As previously noted, you should always be careful with a website such as eBay, where there are sellers that are not reputable.

Additionally beware of shipping charges.  They can make any discount or sale redundant once the additional charges are added.  You may find that a certain dollar amount will qualify for free shipping, which may be appropriate if you can order more items. 

Keep an eye out for discounts in stores and on the Internet.  You never know when a company will go out of business, offering big discounts.  Let your friends and family know that you’re always on the lookout for discounts on this particular product as well.  These types of things can allow you to unexpectedly find decent deals on the Franklin Covey planner refills.

With some careful searching and looking in your area, you should have no problems trying to find Franklin Covey planner refills.  They certainly are a well-regarded and popular style when it comes to physical planners.  In order to take advantage of them, do look for discounts whenever possible, even if you have plenty of time before you need new refills.

Take the blanket approach when it comes to finding deals on your planner refills, or virtually any product at that.  Lookout for local stores, online retailers, and even a site like eBay to find the best price.  Also inform those around you as they could find a nice deal for you, especially if they use the product as well.

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