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The Best Sources for Glass Drill Bits

The Best Sources for Glass Drill Bits

If you need to drill holes in glass or tile, you will need a very specific type of drill bit.  Glass drill bits are available in a few different types depending on the size and type of hole you need to make.  Finding the right glass drill bits will ensure that you can safely and accurately drill into glass without causing shattering or cracking in the surface of the glass.

Carbide glass drill bits are a common type that are good for certain types of drilling jobs.  They are more affordable than other types if glass drill bits, but when it comes to serious drilling jobs, you will probably want to look into obtaining diamond drill bits instead.  Diamond drill bits will create smooth, even holes in glass and have a much lower chance of shattering or damaging the glass.

There are two different types of diamond glass drill bits – these are round head diamond bits and hollow-care diamond bits.  In most cases, round head diamond bits are selected for use when drilling a hole less than 1/2 inch in diameter.  Hollow core diamond bits are a better choice when drilling a hole of more than a 1/2 inch in diameter.  You can usually purchase glass drill bits in sets to allow you to have a variety of size choices to meet any drilling needs.  This is the best way to invest in glass drill bits as well, as it is usually more affordable than buying one at a time.

Your local hardware store or home improvement warehouse is probably the best place to get started shopping for glass drill bits.  Look for a store that carries the brand of drill you own, as they will  be the most likely to have compatible drill bits for your drill.  You probably don’t need to buy the same brand of glass drill bits as your drill, as many choices on the market are compatible with a wide variety of drill models, but a store that carries your brand of drill will be able to better point you to those that are compatible, avoiding the hassle of returning drill bits that don’t work.

You can also find glass drill bits online at a wide number of retailers, from large online stores like Amazon to very specific small retailers catering to those looking for this type of tool.  If you are looking for a specific size of glass drill bit, especially one outside the normal range, you will probably need to seek out a specialized online retailer to find it.  This might cost more, but will be worth it to find precisely what you need.

Glass drill bits are relatively easy to find and a good investment for any sort of craftsperson or contractor.  They are useful for a wide variety of purposes and a good, high quality set will last you a lifetime if you use them carefully and correctly.  Follow all of the use instructions and your glass drill bits will give you clean, smooth holes in all types of glass for a lifetime.

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